• doogie

    i love physics….and a great rack for it to interact with.

    P.S. looks like a pretty awesome rollercoaster too.,

  • Guest

    Her name is Casey Batchelor – you're welcome!

  • nojoke420

    The dude is like "I'm not going to look. I'm not going to look. I'm on camera, I'm not going to look." Then he catches a peek at the end.

  • floscar

    Holy shit not ads

  • JoJo

    I think it will make a person become insane!

  • HellHath NoLife


  • Ming

    best video ever

  • TCB12

    good thing for those boobs, it takes attention off her face….damn, those teeth are fucked up!

  • Anonymous

    They should teach physics this way…

  • kros

    I know this dude from school. Charlie Parish… douche
    And eyes closed the whole way round SAW ride? double douche

  • sd 411

    I say find her!!!

  • Kyle

    I want to be that handle bar

  • Guido Sarducci

    OMFG…. what a sweet pinky ring that guy has

  • Scott White

    After watching the video a couple of times. I know what roller coaster they were riding. SAW – The Ride is a custom Euro-Fighter roller coaster in Thorpe Park, a UK theme park . Yes, I am a roller coaster junkie.

    • kros

      i already mentioned which ride it was. Don't you wish you had that time back?

      • Scott White

        Yes I do, just to fuck your sister

  • alan

    Stupid faggot didn't even look at those puppies. I would stared the whole time

  • fred

    what is the name's music pls ?

  • jonboy

    let the G force do its magic

  • wasd

    anybody know the song name by any chance?

  • egnaro

    her teeth scare me

  • Roger

    It's nice to see that Napoleon Dynamite is back on film.

  • jugg

    love that she checked that she was "put away" when it was done

  • Checkminus

    Tooth Gap! Tooth Gap I say!!!!

  • Adam Bieber

    i especially liked the part where deadspace 2 didnt pop up!

  • Doc Fezz

    The only thing that could have made this video better is if she was eating a hot dog or a banana (whichever, im not picky)

  • Tintoy

    Safety restraints + dual air bags. Safety first!

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