Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • DanielB

    #6 i LOVE this girl sooo much

    • Dan

      She can give you your STD of choice! And probably some you've never heard of.

      • Ninjack

        How can you get a STD through the internet? None of our penises are anywhere near her!!

  • ClariseStarling

    #18 — left side looks best.

  • chrisdg74

    #18 – So much better UNshopped.

    • Phondo

      Any serious photoshop job would have started with her nose, worked the rest of her face and then perked up those big sloppy boobs a bit. But I'm sure the Chive guys realized how badly that would have undermined their intentions.

  • Jon

    is 8 in iesreal?

  • thisguy

    #8 tijuana from the american side of the border

    • GK-4

      and people honestly wonder why so many try to get in the state for a crazy shot at a better job when border towns seem like they're just showing off.

    • TJD

      Left side USA 😉

    • + blitzk

      Tijuana. Signed.


  • Frank Reynolds

    Her? I don't love her! She kicked me in the face!

  • Cody

    #6 is a great photobomb

    • Chris

      I was wondering if anyone would notice that…

  • Joe

    Shay is so freaking ugly.

  • phillip

    #6 looks all of 16…

  • Gabe


    That's what i do!

    Have a look at this mad wipe-out vid 😀

    Chive on!

  • HankT

    #6 – Liz is such a smoke show it's ridiculous and Grifin FTW!

  • Poopslikelittlebunny

    #13 Nice!

  • Gregory Nelson Courtney

    I think I've seen the rest of the pictures that go along with #6. worth the effort.

  • Rick

    Shay is still a butter face

  • sdas

    which movie is it?

  • tsukushi_

    #22 I love July 4th

  • bob

    hey chive could you put the movie title under the pics that say "underrated awesome movie" coz i'd like to check them out

    • Icyblackhandofdeath

      The one today is "Willow." Great movie.

  • Kitty_91

    nice kitty I've found similar stuff on http://motdemot.com

  • Bob Saget

    DMA #21 – I know this guy. He "invented" voice mail. The house is in Indiana. I was one of the many carpenters that worked on the house, and the slide. There is also an awesome tree house…. in his kid's playroom…. The toilet paper holder in the common bathroom is a full nights armor.

  • MoeMoe

    #13 Contra 10 Lives FTWWWW!!!!

  • hyperion.pantibiblon

    #2.Thank you for the warning & helping.WIN

  • Mr. Falcon

    #19 Mad Mardigan!
    According to Urban Dictionary…who knew. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Ma… Mardigan

  • skylarrrr

    #21….. :DDDD

  • Diana Santos

    #14 LOL xD

  • Jared

    #19 what the hell is The Leprechaun doing riding on Iceman's shoulders?

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