Emo dudes, we get it you’re so “troubled” (25 Photos)

  • JohnnyMnemonic

    Kill them! Kill them with fire!!

    • Swagdog

      WTF IS EMOS problem ? Just pretend to be a inner city black youth like all the other white kids .

    • swaggershawn69

      what the frux is wrong with emo dudes , why don't they just pretend to be inner city youths like the rest of us whitekids ?

    • Gamer scout

      #15 Not only catchup, but the blade is sharp up.. =]

  • Rick

    I want to punch each of these "guys" in the face.

    • kdtc

      Even calling them 'guys' is a fucking insult to the rest of us blokes. Here, where I live in England, we have a massive problem with these…these…things. It is impossible to go anywhere and not see these horrible, horrible creatures. All the clothes stores are stocked with their little sisters jeans and stupid fucking jumpers.

      When the fuck did it become acceptable norm for men to dress more feminine than the bloody women!?

    • nomyia

      I'm a girl and I want to punch them too.

    • Phondo

      Of course, they want to punch them in face too.

      • Johnny K.

        POW!!! Right in the ovaries!!!

  • Frankie

    looks like someone didn´t get enough hugs as a child

  • fuck emo kids

    don't use a knife to cut your wrists just use a gun pussy

    • slut_lust

      a gun to cut your wrists? emo level up?

    • marshy

      Use a gun to cut your wrists? Thats just dumb!

    • http://yourcomputerdoctor.info WhiteGuyAtWork

      No use a gun to shoot the knife through their wrists. WTF do you think he was talking about???

    • arq

      Or to many inappropriate ones…

  • El Steve

    #4 – thats some dudes trying to be the Misfits. Misfits aren't emo, it's hardcore. That haircut is the devil lock. Come on Chive, get it together.

    • Frankie

      they should kill them too… more cheeseburgers for us

    • S14Mike

      Misfits are not hardcore either……punk is the genre you were looking for. Hardcore bands include Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and so on….

      • Motte

        Actually S14Mike, you're wrong. Misfits were lumped into the hardcore scene with the bands you mentioned above. Believe it or not, so was Husker Du, Minutemen and the Descendents in the beginning as well, despite the fact that their sounds were definitely NOT conventional Hardcore. Punk rock was more of a Brittish movement, whereas Hardcore was definitely more American.

        • S14Mike

          Punk was definitely not a British only movement…..The Germs, Dead Kennedys, and Bad Religion were prime examples and, in Bad Religion's case, a continuation of punk rock in America. To lump punk bands in with hardcore bands like you did is just stupidity. There is no fine line there. The sound was completely different….hardcore being more aggressive with more abrasive lyrics. Though the Misfits and Black Flag did play together, they were not of the same genre….I can go on forever how you are wrong about this but I am bored and must read for poli sci……

    • Joel

      I wasn't say Misfits were hardcore, but more like horror movie punk. Even so, they're definitely not emo, and these guys fail hard.

      • Joel


        • zeke2517

          they are actually a Misfits cover band called the Misfats. They pretty much are like the "Weird" Al of punk rock, doing parodies of Misfits songs (20 Eyes by the Misfits = 20 Pies by the Misfats)

          • mackin

            Thanks zeke2517, you beat me to it. Mocking the Misfats for being emo is like mocking Weird Al for being nu metal.

            • http://twitter.com/Kcilorak @Kcilorak

              I must now find this music.

    • Dudi

      Who the fuck cares what you call them?

      • McBeastie

        Call them anything but late for dinner time.

        • Motte


        • http://onyourmomi.com Joey Canicas

          I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

      • Johnny K.

        Why is everyone being so defensive of the proper use of the term Emo???

        Be it Emo, Goth, Mod or Hardcore: Clean that shit off your face, get a goddamn haircut and start contributing to society instead of douching up the gene pool!

    • http://www.theanisette.com Daris

      Know what's not hardcore? Type 2 Diabeetus.

    • baconfortress


      • Bryan Barbeau

        fat angry makeup wearing white guys… call them what you will, emo losers fits just as well as fat-ass cover band.

      • Jimbo_slice

        thats actually the name of that band…. they're a really popular misfits cover band

    • i onlychiveatwork

      HMM el STEVE you need oyuyr face punched as well..facking emo misfit freak

    • ZombieZli

      They are not emo. They are infact a pretty good cover band with a sense of humor, called the misfats:P http://misfats.com/ listen to it:P

  • Brad

    #1 – I so want to slap him senseless.
    #10 – Are you crying?! There's no crying here on the Chive!

    • derp

      #10 actually killed himself.

    • http://twitter.com/Kcilorak @Kcilorak

      for #1 I don't think that will be necesary.

  • Troy

    I just found out I'm going to be having a kid. Please god don't let him grow up to be one of these guys!

    • marshy

      Congrats Troy, I just found out that too….I'm hoping mine IS going to be emo, that means it'll be on the street fending for itself at 6.

    • Ripley

      "…Don't let your babies grow up to be EMOS…"

  • turbosmurf

    #7 is not an emo , he's just fabulous !

    • MX-D

      Is that Paula?

    • Motte

      Absolutely FABULOUS!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tekrebel Charlie Makarov

    Anyone else think "Im the juggernaut bitch"

    • The Other Jake

      Uninstall windows please……

  • Someone

    Go right ahead and do it. You would be doing the world and gene pool a favor.

    • Anon

      heh pretty tasteless.

    • Didja

      ugh…when will they learn. It's down the street not across the road.

    • Bryan Barbeau

      Do Darwin proud… cut deeeeeeeep.

  • Spivias

    i think emo is contagious, after seeing these
    i want to pull my eyes out and burn them
    then kill myself

  • metalcool36

    #20 ……. My only logical explanation for this is that his father made him get it to stop his ever growing cocaine habit.

    • The Other Jake

      Or he's dating a cow and doesnt want the love of his life to feel out of place.

    • dt546

      it's quite clearly 'shopped, if it were real, it would pull the nose down more, just think how heavy it is

      • Bryan Barbeau

        Most likely hollow, though I wouldn't rule out the 'shopped option.

  • http://twitter.com/MissLady717 @MissLady717

    oh god this fool's crying

    • kkkk

      just leave britney alone!!

      • Slappy

        Pictures of crying emos just make me laugh for some reason.

    • Didi

      hahaahahaaha I was like really man :s

  • Kasey

    #2 Its a Skunk! shoot it

    • PWNT

      Actually that's a pheasant…. gosh some people.

      • BigD

        Pheasant or skunk, either is preferable to that sorry excuse from the shallow end of the gene pool.

  • Ryan

    I now feel much better about myself.

    #15 Knife is backwards, you may want to use the sharp side.

    • Dan

      Further proof that being Emo makes you stupid.

    • Bryan Barbeau

      If he used the sharp side, he might cut himself… oh wait.

  • Yelito

    Why they all fat and gay?

  • Mike

    This post is 50% goth, 35% scene, 10% emo and 5% some kind of bastard-child/retard mix (ICP FTL)

    On a related note, I am locking my children in a box for the duration of their teenage years. There is a fine line between self-expression and "oh my God, why did you let me do that when I was that age I looked like such a fucking twat."

    • ern23

      You fail for knowing the difference.

    • Floopa Joopa

      No matter how you spin it, dumb is dumb.

    • Maynard B.

      You said "TWAT". That's one of my favorite words……..twat……

    • k-5

      use a skinner box

  • naigoto

    Emo girls are kind of cute, emo boys… I have no idea what the heck they are

    • Skye

      For starters, they're not cute.

  • geeg

    #8 male or female on the right?

    • JstevensF

      Gothapotamus has no gender, only sad thoughts.

      • sanjm


    • Jake

      Its's a Gothipotomus

      • B Money

        What about the Pat on the left. I think they are both "girls"

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  • Lud006


  • PointBlank_

    #9 "Love didn't work out for my mom and dad, so why should it work out for me?"

  • Steve

    #6 This is just a freeze frame of him making a sandwich. The mayo is just to the left of the picture.

  • PWNT

    #7 Shoot to kill.

  • http://batchcoding.freehostia.com/ lmao

    you are so stupid… they are not all emo, some of them are goth. and most of the pics are very very old.

    • Pokepoke

      How foolish of the Chive, posting old pictures. Such a big contrast to the 1hour old picture deadline that is usually on the uploadfunction…

      Or maybe stop being such a whiny kid. You seem to fit right in.

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