Emo dudes, we get it you’re so “troubled” (25 Photos)

  • enfermo

    ehi! guys of #4 are cool! they called MISTFAT…they plat misfits covers!

  • MeisterMon

    As stoopid as the pictures were, the comments section was fucking BRILLIANT!

    I'm pretty sure I'm close to getting fired, I'm laughing so hard!!

  • Skye

    #25 FTW!!!! Dear God, I'm so glad I got out of that phase.

  • vin

    Wow emo is not what is was in the early 90's, these are all fake jerkoffs trying to take something they have no idea about and destroyed it for the people who know what real emo is, not shit music and a dress up party for little fags. I guess thank MTV and other mainsttream morons who put this music style out there for all the sheeple to follow what is said on the radio or MTV, who really dont know much about music in the first place.

    But really, 90% of these idiots are goth kids not emo or the new school so called emo. It should be creamo because they dudes probably like to cream on each others faces.

  • supersniffy

    C'mon Chive I thought you had more taste that this……poster children for birth control…..

  • V4Vendetta14

    #8, Holy Fuck! KILL IT!!! KILL IT!!!!

  • Menace

    #6, #15 Silly emo kids, it's DOWN the highway, not across

  • Maynard B.

    Sometimes not slapping sense into your kid can lead to child abuse. My kid comes home looking like that, he's gonna get an "extreme" makeover.

  • Toots McGee

    Parenting FAIL!!

  • DomTheDaring


  • Spellwvr

    Wow… that was just disturbing…just … wow…..

  • MrCjv

    Emo me this, Emo me that…BORF! And kids wonder why they get picked on. Man up bitches. Oh and by the way Emo is a shitty style. Looooosers.

  • Alexandra

    these are all so disgusting i cant pick just one to comment on.

  • ProvenZero

    #25 FTW. All are fat and stupid. Don't blame the kids, blame the Parents. If my boy ever thought of dressing like that I'd hit him so hard he'd think twice about doing anything.

  • testington

    #11 is pure hipster not emo

    these people are just lame more than anything, it kinda bums me out. Also half of them would be happier if they just lost some damn weight

  • Bob

    #1 Emo guys are lame camp virgins. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • Jack


  • i onlychiveatwork

    makes me ill ..

  • http://www.facebook.com/BigDaddyLuvv Bill Ivory

    At first, I was going to write in the numbers of all those I truly wish would die. But, once I started writing them down, I saw that I was writing down more than half. Alright fine then,…. I really do wish they'd all die.

  • Guest


  • Sam

    I hate to quibble over definitions in a threat that's 100% douche, but most of these aren't emo. Out in the real world you can tell the difference like this: if you want to stomp its androgynous, depressing little head into paste… it's emo. If you want to find the nearest alternate route to keep from passing too close to it, it's more likely goth or hardcore. Hope this helps. Oh… and those of you with the knives… press harder. Use the sharp edge. Repeat as necessary.

    • dan

      exactly, but not hardcore, this is just goth loosers. Sorry Im from the old school hardcore scene and was never like this but these types of fags were goth only, a sad bunch of loosers and always will be.

  • theMorgue77

    I wish my lawn was emo. Then it would cut itself…

  • Mhonigford

    I wish my grass was emo so it could cut itself!

  • Boscoe

    Man… you just KNOW #13 was taken in an attempt to pick up 13 year old girls on the internets…

  • Shades

    These pussies would have been DESTROYED back when I went to school.
    FFS… This generation needs to grow a set…They are embarassing.
    My kids ever do this shit they will get sent to the outback to work in the shearing sheds with some REAL MEN lol

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