Emo dudes, we get it you’re so “troubled” (25 Photos)

  • John

    Look, why don't we give them razor blades and downers…. That will take care of the problem. Better yet, we need to find out who spawned these idiots, and cut their balls off and sew up their vagina's.

    • Ashes

      Dude, WTF John or whoever you are, just cause someone’s emo doesn’t mean they’re below you. They’re humans too. So SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BASTARD! You’re a fucking prejudice asshole. I hope you know that.

  • JackSparrow

    May God has mercy on these ppl. May all of them be guided to the right path. Ameen

  • ollivertwisted

    I fully support retroactive abortions for all these abominations.

  • JLG

    These kids are all fat and would get the fuck beat out them by any kid I know

  • http://www.facebook.com/heberc Heber A. Coll

    I don't know who's worse, these retards or douchebags…

  • Grey

    Remember kids, thats "Down the Road, not across the street"

  • Marla

    #20 looks like he has a shower curtain ring thru his nose!

  • TherealJoel

    I'm getting my gun.

  • Nathan Dublya

    #6 #15 Its up the street Emo kiddies not Across the street….cmon…do us all a favour…

  • dkjhblkdjh

    # 10 …. hey he's cute…. i feel bad

  • Didi

    #10 really dude?

  • bri.

    these people sicken me! ewww but this one makes me LOL
    what a pussy

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  • Ruth

    Leave them the fuck alone they are people too. They have feelings, you don’t know what’s going on in there lives.

  • Anonymous

    i hope these people stop cuttibg their self

  • alison

    Emo kids are people too by the way number 18 is kinda hot

    • ChristOnACracker

      ur a fucking idiot

  • Morgan

    #6 go head no one will miss you and #10 a hahahahahah wow pussy

  • Morgan

    #19 My dad left me I don't know why so I'll throw down an M and go to mcdonalds get a number 6 a large

  • ChristOnACracker

    #17 Mom and dad taking him to the vet to have him put down

  • conradhilario

    #3 looks more like a skater kid from the late 80s early 90s, not emo.

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