In Derp We Trust (23 photos)

  • Malkintosh22


    • Bobsky

      Just don't pay attention to #7, #9, and #16 right?

  • anon

    meh….is it Friday yet?

    • PointBlank_

      Rob Schneider is The Stapler, A Carrot, and Da Derp Dee Derp Da Teetley Derpee Derpee Dumb.

  • surfer21

    #23 Like a boss.

  • Nick702

    #3 scumbag stevo

    • word

      Borrows $300… Gets Louis Vutton arm sleeve tattoo.

  • Woogie

    #2!!!! Wow what a bunch of idiots!!!! Don't understand why you would wear pants around your knees!!!!!

    • Barette

      Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground.

    • Billy the accountant

      I assume its the beginning of a gay orgy. only way it makes any sense. Hey bra lets all rock our pants around our knees this way we can all see each others cock-n-balls. yea its a pretty straight thing to do. Makes us real men

    • Biggus Diccus

      The trend started in prison, guys that wanted to get buttfucked would sag their pants. It caught on in the black community because we all know most of the prisons are full of black people.

    • @Kcilorak

      I just keep telling myself "they did this as a joke. nobody really thinks this looks cool"… but I know it isn't true….

    • V4Vendetta14

      If they decide to rob that liquor store, they won't get away.

    • A field mouse

      This is a joke…..

  • Wolfram

    #9 Yep, it's a lady driver.

    • Andrei

      The name for that particular brand of (Romanian) ladies is "pitzipoanca". Feminine douchebaggery.

      • gigi's

        and that makes us "proud"…

    • girl

      it's a BMW driver!

  • yerp

    i like to horp when i dorp

    • Obadiaha

      Church of the Duck-Face?

      • Zoodles

        The mighty Churduck!

  • Gordon Gecko

    #3 worst tat ever #2 you're not shit #9 I'd have my pinky up her ass while she pays the toll

  • Dufius

    #20 Eating salad has never been this fun for me…. Maybe it has something to do with the dressing…

    • zombie

      salad tells the best jokes

  • OneClownShoe

    #8 more evolved than #2

  • Error404k

    where is that dudes right hand?

  • hamberleaf

    #17 is pretty hum-dinging

  • TylerV

    #3 reminds me…there hasn't been a D-Bag post in a while. Would like theChive to bring back one for old time sake.

  • MigraineBoy

    #7 is a limber fella, ain't he folks?

    #13 I'll forgive her for derpin' because she looks kinda cute and has epic cleavage.

    • jamesaholic

      #13. Her cleav would be even better if her boob weren't tucked in her armpit

  • Kyle Retrato

    #12 'JIZZ IN MY PANTS'

  • ashleyging

    hahaha i think animal derps are funnier than human ones. #8 #10

  • Daris

    He's gonna be pissed when he realizes it's a knock off. And that he gargles shlong.

  • HankT

    If #4 is Jenna Elfman, I'll take the DERP face from her any day…

    • Pat

      Is Minna Kauppi , best athlete in Finnish

      • HankT

        Well hot damn she looks JUST like Elfman, but I'd be fine with Kauppi too!!!

  • Richard Nixon

    I'd still hit it with #13 – see what kind of faces she makes in bed

  • mith

    #2 You'd think being able to do stupid shit with their fingers, they would know how to opperate a belt.

  • jetrome

    #20 Is that Jet Li in the upper right corner?
    #13 Looking me in the eye when you smile… the good eye… this one

  • zym

    My mom had a couch that looked just like #3

  • the voice

    #3 Scumbag Steve…yo bro let me borrow money for rent….gets this tattoo next day.

    • JONAS

      Nice lol

    • 4SOC20saint

      instant karma cuz now he's got that retarded sleeve

  • newscot

    #9 – who hasn't done that at least once in their life?

    • thatwasntthequestion

      I've never done that…and I park in a garage where I have to scan in and out with an ID badge every day.

    • busted

      Any man.

      • Almost

        thumbed to infinity and beyond

  • Spencer

    Haters Gonna Hate

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