In honor of Black History Month I present girls with future lower back problems (20 Photos)

  • Frankie

    LBP special edition

    • strom t.

      You gotta love a sexy belly warmer

    • Colonel Sanders

      Does this mean that now The Chive can never go back?

      • JASON IN PC

        well if any of these ladies ever want to know why the saying is true, i would be willing to show them. 30 seconds of fury and i am happy.

    • Games

      GO Play Games

  • Brad

    Black History Month or not, I sure like to see more of them all year round. #2, #7, #9, #11, #14, #18

    • Muke

      #11, ok, but is that seriously the best picture you could find of her?! Bond? Swordfish? My wet dreams?

    • Maynard B.

      Yes why wait until February. We could some more photos from sisters.

  • Rick

    #8 Like a surgeon's mask. Om nom nom nom!!!

    • Freq visitor

      More #2 and #8

  • nick339123

    Sorry about the past everyone! Here's some boobs to make up for it! YAY!

    • numbnutz

      where's white history month?
      "white history month" would be viewed as racist, yet … aww never mind.

      • douche

        dude EVERY month is white history month

    • Frank

      What did you do that you're sorry about? How old ARE you?

      • nastee h8r

        How fucking old are you? Dumb shit

        • =-(

          I expect peoples posts to make sense. I expected too much.

    • Robert


    • jimbo

      WTF are you sorry about?

  • rodrocks

    #8, #12, and #20 fo shizzel.

  • Charlie Makarov

    #2 who is she.. cuz she keeps telling me to join this and visit that 😛

    • yay ireland

      Megan Good?

    • davi

      brianna garcia

  • Brian Freedman

    … girls with future lower bLack problems.

    • BigDingo

      "I had a wet dream…" *cringe*

      • Spencer

        aww 😦

    • mandyfan

      ^ WIN

    • CyleJameson

      good word-play…& NOT a problem!!!

  • Malkintosh22

    I can feel the sass through my computer screen.

  • gmoney

    #8 find her

    • DaddyD

      Yeah. I'm not really into black women or body builders, but I would sell my first born for a night with this lovely lady.

    • Billy the accountant

      Found. Rachelle Richardson. Like a boss

      • thedevo

        Just like my boss, always wrong!
        her name is Chellss, she's a fitness model

  • Error404k

    Nice,hopefully there is a secret Asian history month too,wouldn't be fair to leave them out

  • thursdaymofo

    #2 and #9 must be the dream MLK was talking about.

    • Flicka


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  • henry IV

    #18 for me

  • jetrome

    #7 I miss Tracy Bingham on Baywatch. Only one missing here I think is Gabrielle Union.

    • bonhomie

      also Meagan Good

    • Lunch

      and Stacy Dash

    • Phondo

      Gabrielle Union sat on my toilet once. Seriously.

  • Ryan

    Most of them are half white.

    • BigDingo

      which, in a way, is symbolic of MLK's legacy in bringing people together

    • anon


    • Almost

      Two of them are half white.


    • IamwhoIam

      No shit sherlock, they're African-Americans!

      • top dog

        Who gives a fock, jerk wad!!

    • Skopic

      cuz thats what ppl say when they see them on the street, "Hey, look at that half white girl"

  • PointBlank_

    love some tig ole bitties

  • Shane Houlihan

    #2 and #9 always get me.
    More black on the Chive please. Where's the black chivettes?

    • joshua

      black people don't have computers *facepalm*

    • SKT

      Yes please! The models are cool but start rockin some black chivettes. Shit maybe I'll send some pics of these chocolate sweater puppies

      • davi311b

        ^might as well

  • Hero_ofthe_Day

    I think this is only the second time in the history of ever I've seen black chicks on here…just sayin Chive

    • BigDingo

      Wouldn't mind a sexy ladies with awesome fros either…

    • lando

      actually they've had 2 chivettes of the week that were black.

  • HeavyD

    #9 i'll have one hug. tight, and that lasts for an hour
    #14 all i can think of is TITJOB

  • HajiDangerous

    #2, #7, #8 I'll take all three please. Who is #8? Sweet Jesus.

  • BigDingo

    Reminds me that the Chive needs a little more variety in its Chivettes. Come on ladies, let's enjoy the rainbow of beauty this world has to offer.

  • checkitout

    #4 and #5 melyssa ford.. smoking hot

  • petewhip

    #2 damn son

  • Dazza


  • ely whitley

    #9 THOSE, Those, right there! Those are the ones I want! What? Nah, don't bother wrapping them, Il eat them on the way home.

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