In honor of Black History Month I present girls with future lower back problems (20 Photos)

  • MSM

    MOAR #9!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary

    The hell? At least 80% are implants.

  • Todd

    #3, if she's feeling ill, a shot of Dr. Todd's root tonic will get her feeling better…

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU, CHIVE!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! (from Trinidad, West Indies)

  • bkfrijoles

    more black women

  • jimbo

    I want a free hug

  • losiento

    about damn time the chive put some sexy black girls on here!!!! about damn time

  • these are gross.


    • Madmofo

      So is your mom's child. Go grab a power transformer's electrical leads.

  • rodolfo

    #2 FIND!

  • JAy


  • theMorgue77

    Now where'd I put that motorboat…

  • jay

    FIND HER # 2 please.

  • Petar Đulabić

    Thank you Chive for making my day much happier

  • Heber A. Coll

    #8 and #12


  • McGill


    pretty sure this is meagan good……mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • SKT

      Hate to break it to ya but it's not.

  • Mike

    See what we've been missing out on people! I want chive to become more diverse with the posts, this is a very good start!

  • Matt

    #8 is ready to rock your world and you better go along with it! I like a determined woman. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Free hugs!!!!!
    I’ll pay for it anyways!!

  • WC Stephen Neal

    Top 10 signs that you're a token minority on the Chive:

    10. You only appear in February…

  • bigleo

    #3 I feel ill. I need that nurse to heal me!

  • Pat

    more of #2 please


    #8 is chells richardson

  • Dagon

    Who is #18??

  • ar tee


  • Marcus


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