It’s time to admit that cats are the cornerstone of the internet (32 Photos)

  • DaddyD


    I haz sneezed. Where is coke?

    • DaddyD

      Oops. #19

      • DaddyD

        Moving too fast. Maybe #18?

  • Zaedrus

    #9 will be tomorrow's new meme. Count it.

  • JonaThan

    i used to think cats sucked… but theyre really cool 🙂

    • 123

      No, you were right before.

  • Jimmy

    #18 "I FUCKING LO…Wait, Is that picture crooked?!?"

  • yerp

    love this post

  • Isabelle Basha

    ive always been a dog person, but cats are pretty fuckin awesome

    #25 precious.

  • simmel

    Cats are so awesome, best animals in the world, 'cause they are so fucking arrogant XD

  • WTFever

    Mr. Sheen, your room is ready

  • naigoto

    Just slowly scrolling down and suddenly #9 – had to empty my pants after that

  • 123

    It's a joke, man. There is no animosity. I don't like cats. I don't like cocks either, but I don't have a problem with you if you do. It's cool. I didn't say "pillow biter" or "fag" or anything derogatory like that. To each their own. That's goes for cat lovers or anyone else. That being said, commenting on the comment of my comment's comment feels a little gay.

  • WTFever

    Proof E.T. got laid

  • ros

    I dont know why this is – but in real life dogs are funnier than cats, but in pics and vids cats are funnier than dogs.

  • Growl


  • clay

    it looks like #12 was taken about 2 seconds before one of these two got fucked up.

  • Patrick


  • Jen

    i wish i could walk my cat on a leash.


    #9 reminds me of a baby form of a digimon. btw digimon is still awesome

  • Mike

    The pictures are awesome but the comments, except for a few, are side-splitting funny!
    Thanks for the laughs – now I gotta get cheezburger

  • folocke

    Dog's ears = lol

  • duff

    #29 Yoda or ET

  • napamamascribe

    #4 "my life flashed before my eyes… did you know there's a DOG out there"

  • Luke

    Hmmm, most of these were pilfered from the most recent posts at First time I have been anything but impressed with the chive.

  • Mark

    #20 – like a boss.

  • Diana Santos

    i loveeeeeee cats! ❤ #4-so sweet eyes awwww

  • Frank M


    "Cats & dogs living together…MASS-HYSTERIA!!!"

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