It’s time to admit that cats are the cornerstone of the internet (32 Photos)

  • Heber A. Coll

    #9 Totoro anyone?

    #29 E.T., is that you?

  • 2857

    #22 – haters gonna hate

  • hapa_nerd


  • Taffysack

    Didn't your mother ever tell you not to feed the troll?

    • 123

      How can anyone be a troll on the Chive? It's a photo blog. The user comments are part of the content of the site. If you want to seem smart maybe you shouldn't talk so much.

  • NotaTrap

    #11…our love is forbidden

    #19…come at me bro!

  • impulse

    #26 Exterminate! Exterminate!!!!
    Exter…min…drrrrrr…. *boop*

  • lolkimi

    Step off brah

  • bryan v

    cats are the cornerstone of every dinner table in Asia

    • Halil

      Overrated muppet now sumed up by mildde-class white kids with Bob Marley posters and T-shirts acting gangsta’ because they smoke a bit of weed now and then to escape’ from their safe over-priviliged lives.

  • skylarrr


    they makin' babies?!

  • Cats are the cornerstone of the Internet | HdOlsen

    […] Ta ein kikk! […]

  • Tink

    #29 walllll-eee :}

  • joeman53

    #4 I'm the Doctors cat – Die Dalek !

  • joeman53

    I failed – I forgot #26 in last message

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


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