• naigoto

    Awww, I was hoping to see certain things moving up and down due to her potential cheering ):

  • OwnerOfYou

    That's what I thought… were they referring to the wall behind her? I'll have to watch this for the 5th time.

  • ssf

    Let's see her having sex! um, I mean, let's see her play Risk!

  • thatwasntthequestion

    Can we get a bow-chicka-wow-wow bass line instead of the big band sound? Other than that, I'd say this short film is oscar worthy.

  • cHIVEY


  • AnotherAnon

    If you saw the rubik's cube, I have bad news for you!

  • @withquotation

    "have her solve something else!"

  • tkbaha

    ..I'm puzzled..not by the cube though

  • Carlos SLB

    what cube???

  • Adirem

    well done to her!

  • Thrice

    Wait….what was this video about again? I got distracted

  • Kris

    I watched it twice before I realized she didn't solve it.

  • jeffe

    find her!

  • Bob

    Great rack!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andre

    Imagine if she was playing Jenga.


  • angel

    but can we get a gif of this?

  • jojo

    HA HA, excellent!!!!!

  • tfbuckfutter

    She could have taken it completely apart and put it back together correctly and I wouldn't have noticed that she cheated.

  • gofast480

    look at the knockers on that househound

  • Adam Heffelfinger

    Maybe she solved it and put it down before the camera started…

  • Nunya

    Naughty rubics cube – spank it again!

  • Kadmus

    I’m sorry, you said something about a cube…

  • BobSugar

    mesmerized… what's a rubik's cube?

  • Plow

    C'mon guys: haul her over the hill to 6-Flags and put her on the roller coaster WHILE rubicks' cubing. Do I have to think of everything!?

  • John

    The subject says something about a rubik's cube. I watched the video 16 times. Still can't find the rubik's cube.

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