Obama gets shopped -I take the First! (17 photos)


  • ahello2u

    Now that's some funny stuff there..You've outdone yourself Chive.

  • Richard Goesinyou

    Great post Chive! It's nice to see the tables turned for once.

  • Paul

    "seeing the President as anything but the President is racist"

    This is an exeptional example of how the word Racist gets thrown around regardless if it applies in the slightest. Racism Fail, but thanks for comming out.

  • elbruces

    So it's a bunch of ugly caricatures. I guess one would need some context to understand most of them.

  • larhonda

    I hope The President has seen this, he seems to have a sense of humor, and if he doesn't it's okay, because this is funny!

  • Kaylin

    Wonderful exlpnaation of facts available here.

  • Romney2012!!

    Chive shows it's true colors. You've just lost a viewer for life.

  • Romney2012!!

    Love the crackhead one! Cause we all know "them" people are all crackheads!!

  • Gunowningliberal

    You've just put a target on everyone I see wearing a "Chive" t-shirt.

  • Aggie2012

    I'm surprised by the number of people that don't appreciate free political speech on a public forum. Despite political affiliation. Don't be so offended by the chastising of your demagogue. Consider the artist.

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