You’re being too productive. Take some GIFS

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  • yerp

    nailed it

  • sully23

    #4 Juuuuussst missed the landing

  • Nick702

    #7 I love wet brunettes

    • Truth.Inc

      That's Selena Gomez, actress/singer. Shes barely 18.

      Most notably, shes dating Justin Beiber.

    • Gordon Gecko

      best comment in weeks

      • mancake

        what ass keeps thumbing down good comments?

        • McBeastie

          Whose was good? I didn't thumb any down, but I also didn't really see a reason not to.

    • hot carl

      leave me #7, you can take #10

  • Error404k

    all day long

  • Kyle Retrato

    #7 If only her chest was the one moving from side to side.

  • Catence

    Is #7 Selena Gomez? She sure has grown up…

    • @Keris0201


  • MigraineBoy

    #5 DERP!

  • Gordon Gecko


  • TylerV

    #10 I'm sure dirt wasn't the only thing she ate that day 😀

    • V4Vendetta14

      Ha Ha, I didn't see the pony tail and assumed it was Arty Lange from Beer League.

  • Stokes331

    When Mythbusters says "Don't try this at home" you probably shouldn't try that at home

    • PointBlank_

      close but no cigar

  • Stokes331

    BTW thats Selena Gomez , just thot somebody might want to know

    • Jimmy

      I thought you might want to know how to spell thought.

      • newscot

        Do you mean "though"?

      • newscot

        never mind… I see what you did there…

        • @Kcilorak

          Do you?

  • jetrome

    #3 Kids like that shouldn't be allowed to reproduce anyway. That's just Darwinism at work

    • The Bible

      "Darwinism" WTF IS THAT?!

    • McBeastie

      No. That's just a kid having fun until he inflicts pain on himself. Sounds like childhood to me.

  • tom


    your argument is invalid

    • PointBlank_

      Although a siamese cat would whip either of these pussies asses!!

  • tom

    #10 Way to fail fatty

    • PointBlank_

      Its more funny because he is fat

  • Useless

    Sad part about is that I've been Chive'n all morning and I've been everything BUT productive!!

  • the voice

    #7 That Bieber fag has no idea what hes gettin himself into

  • derpson

    #6 me at work waiting for the next chive post

  • Big Los


    O RLY?

  • DaddyD

    #4 … Antenna guy goes pro …

  • Train2k

    #8 FAIL FTW

  • XOS

    #10 SAFE!

  • Daesu


    Imbecile with a sledgehammer

  • Morgan Freeman

    Theres been overuse of the word epic… but this is epic. #4

  • Spork

    #4 Are you paying attention, Old Spice guy? THAT is how you do a swan dive.

  • 4SOC20saint

    #9 yea everyone love playin paintball with this turd
    "come on man its bad enough you shot me in the neck…did you have to do it 35 times???"

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