• Dave

    Did #23 ruin it for anyone else?

    • Guz

      No mate. I'm not sure, but I think you could be gay.

      • Dave

        Look at the picture again starting from the top… you'll see what I mean.

        Not gay. I just appreciate a pretty face.

    • Ed Debevic

      I like how she's rubbing her big dick. She should rub it against my prostate. #11

      • Keith

        Can somebody ban this kid from commenting please?

      • ToolGremlin

        What the heck?? Chive needs to go to a site registration method and stop this anonymous posting crap.

    • Catence

      Yeah, kind of thought #23 was her mom at first?

      • jerseyslugo

        awesome body, but i bet shes scary without makeup……..who am i kidding? id bang it till its blue

    • Mitch


      • Dave

        Granted, the other 25 photos were GORGEOUS… at the same time her face on 23 was scary…

  • Error404k

    Is it just me me or does she seem to get older with each picture,not neccesarily a bad thing,better than any woman I could ever get………still won't buy a Mac tho

    • LOL

      I knew she wasn't british. She has all her teeth.

  • ben

    Shes actually kind of weird looking…Minus #17

  • Paula

    Does she suck as much as Apple products?

    – the troll you love to hate

    • Ed Debevic

      I do.
      Ed Debevic
      – the troll you love to hate

      • JstevensF

        Finally I think I understand why you people troll. You're so socially inept that the only way of you finding friends is through the internets, until you stumble across somebody as irritating as yourself.

        • Muke

          Don't encourage them–they like to be irritating.
          Which bothers a troll more: 100 thumbs down, or crickets?
          Just ignore!

    • BobPlant

      suck my howie schlong paulth

  • ellipsis

    kinda not pretty.

  • hapa_nerd

    WAAAAY too much Photoshop in #16

  • 6655321

    I thought this was a joke at first…

  • PointBlank_

    #15 check out that pear!

  • http://topsy.com/thechive.com/2011/02/18/apple-knows-how-to-sell-some-product-26-photos/?utm_source=pingback&utm_campaign=L2 Tweets that mention Russian model Irina Voronina theCHIVE -- Topsy.com

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Only Stuff, Medium Funny. Medium Funny said: Apple knows how to sell some product (26 Photos): http://bit.ly/dQdJDY […]

  • BigDingo

    #15 you're doing it wrong… doesn't look like sandwich making to me…

  • Sanman

    They are terrible at advertising… where the hell are the products???

  • Van

    But just look at the girls from the site http://russianbrides.com.au/wgaler.html?v=22157 – is not only a model in Russia, but there is just a woman.

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  • Andy Hodge

    #14 is a pure 'F**K ME' look. Lovin it!


    #14, #17, #19 ONLY!!!!!!

  • Brendan

    #5 blue guy photobomb

    • Jebus

      Thank You, i thought I was the oly one who noticed that

  • Henry Gibson

    #15 looks like it's an ad for "Steak 'n Shake: The XXX Porn Parody."

  • sully23

    #24 kinda looks like Pam Anderson. well you know… without hepatitis c….

  • George

    the first ones kinda lame..

    #15 and the rest

  • Jedi


  • David Chartier

    The first half of these images were ripped from Macenstein.com and cropped to remove attribution. It's from their "Mac Chick of the Month" series. Irina Voronina was June 2009:

  • Ghost

    the new Apple iWhore?

  • JMartin

    #11 – Carpalderp

  • http://www.theanisette.com Daris

    #19 That's clearly a tranny, advertising windows. I'm lost.

  • bless1

    #14…hot when she smiles.

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