Friday facts fit for the village idiot (10 Photos)

  • Error404k

    I will never tire of this photo and note to self,move to Tuscon and impose this law

    • Jordo

      Unless those women have gravitational asses, then it's photoshoped

      • Seven

        Everyone knows its shopped but we can all dream can't we?

    • steveystevesteve

      Until you realize what the women look like in Tucson. And yes, this is a challenge to the chivettes of Tucson to prove me wrong.

      • lolwut
      • aleXTC

        Being from Nogales, and living currently in tucson, i can say girls in this state are fucking nuts. Tons of crazy latina's. Crazy as hell but definitely well equipped. Maybe not like #7 but very close

    • lolwut

      I have lived in Tucson for many years and have never heard of this…

      On that note,

      BRB making fake badge and going to the UofA campus…

    • cbs5090
  • Anon

    The fact that kids grow faster in spring surprised me…

    • nickelpl8ed

      Hence the term, "growing like a weed"

    • Phondo

      Hence the other term, "bullshit."

  • heey

    FIRST 😀 first time doing this wow… hope i don't fail,
    and #7


    • metalcool36

      You did… So stop trying

    • Don_Aguelo

      I still don't get why they do it

  • heey

    aw… fail and *allowed as in grammar Nazi style!

    • Yup

      shh. you're not allowed to say aloud out loud,

  • jetrome

    #4 Yes, but can you give a dog a blunt?

  • Ben

    #7 I know this means women can only wear dresses….but Id like to think women in Tucson are walking around pantless

    • Seven

      I like this guy…

  • metalcool36

    Freeze!!! Now slowly remove the ice cream cone from your jacket and place it on the ground….

  • RealJerseyBean

    #4 they can light em up themselves if they like though yeah?

  • PointBlank_

    #2 Lieutenant Dan, I got you some #5 invisible ice cream.

    • BigDingo

      Comment win^^

    • Daris

      Thread closed as wittiest comment has been achieved. Thanks to everyone else for coming out. 🙂

      • Jen

        i said that in my head just like forrest gump. good job!

  • danny

    this baby looks like an alien 🙂 almost like this guy here

  • Yeahbeer

    #5 WTF!?!?

    • Muke

      concealed ice cream = crime
      concealed weapons = business as usual

  • Jerk

    I work for the city and just realized that I haven't ever heard a rooster, but I have seen chickens.
    Keep'em coming Chive, it's going to be a shitty day in the sewer dept. today!

  • MacnCheese

    #7 I actually saw a girl with an ass very much like that in a Verizon store a while ago. She was in line in front of me and kept swaying back and forth, moving her ass. My wife was next to me. It was torture. She kept saying "are you looking at her ass cheeks?!?!?!"

    • bunedoggle

      I hope you said yes, of course!

  • MattFoley

    this post is lame… 95% of these "laws" are made up

    • Jen

      your mom is lame

  • Mike Oxbig

    The Forrest Gump thing is completely incorrect.

  • xglyphx

    I would expect this lame post on Monday but NOT a Friday

  • xglyphx

    For a minute there i thought i was at Snapple Facts….This is TheChive right??

  • justin leap

    …Someone at the chive has a useless facts app on their Droid/Iphone. Best app EVER!!!

  • Phondo

    There seems to be a law in Venice, CA, against being smart, original and/or funny.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #7 has been hit so many times…it just stays open now….LOL

  • TJK

    How about we try and find #2 in real life? On Wed my brother stepped on an IED on patrol in Afghanistan, and ended up losing a leg and part of his arm. He's started calling himself "Lieutenant Dan" and asking the hot nurses for ice cream. I think that stand up poster would accent his hospital room rather nicely.


    every still?? i call bs…

  • Dylan Abraham

    The no pants law no longer exists.

  • golflimabravo

    #6 needs a little clarification. I live in Maine and have gone skydiving here, nothing illegal about that.

  • C-Lo

    I live in Zion, Illinois and thats just ONE of the stupid laws…

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