Girl next-door turned super model, Esti Ginzburg. Control yourself. (38 photos)

  • Skedaddle

    I’ve got a girl living next door to me, but she sure doesn’t look like that. Yum!

  • Steve

    Fap Fap Fap…….

  • Il Duce

    What a doll!! …..and she smiles too!!

  • WoogyMonster

    #38 Does nothing for me.

  • Isabelle Basha

    fun fact: she is Israeli.


  • Phil


    Merica, proving that sexy blonde chicks always get to be the center of attention

  • Chris Lawrence

    very good looking girl, not as plastic looking as most models

  • Joseph McFarlane Young

    Such a wanna-bee Candice Swanepoel

  • Biggus Diccus

    Jesus, I would shit myself if she lived next to me

  • Rusty

    #30 One weekend of carnal fun is all I ask. Is that too much? Pleeeaaase!

    • meme

      Sure you would, except it would be a nightmare for her.

      Sorry, lose the weight, make about 100x what you make now, shower at least once daily, and get a personality. Only then will you have a hope in hell!

      No offense seriously intended. 🙂

    • meme

      Oh yeah… learn to speak Hebrew! 🙂

      You have a lot of work ahead of you.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    I like it but come on nothing beats are chivettes….

  • lfsg

    stop posting pics of my soon-to-be wife….ahhh dreams

  • Iftreescouldtalk


  • Manbearpig2

    Wow shes just a naturally beautiful woman no matter what the pose.

  • Chobes10

    #10 girls with wet hair just does it for me. I think the chive need a post of girls with wet hair.

  • Libertariandude

    #19. And yet, some idiots still hate Israel.

  • meme

    Just wondering, did the Chive receive permission to post SI photos.

    I seriously doubt that.

  • Vij

    #31 stands out.

  • Vij

    And #32 too!!

  • mikeyb

    loved her for a while. never any ass shots tho. what ives?

  • tty

    holy shit! if i'll dream of her i would never want to wake up! just perfect!

    • jarrod s

      not the only one

  • jarrod s


  • Sandy

    it looks like some pics hav been shooted in india

  • Leland sirois

    Nice job on the photos esti Ginzburg

    • Lee Sirois

      Love numbers 31 14 12 6 3 and I love you

  • Veasey

    Nice job sexy esti ginzburg

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