New Banksy art appearing and disappearing in LA (16 photos)

I've been a Banksy fan since before Dave Matthews was born -that's right. There has been a buzz in the air here in LA because the world's most mysterious street artist has been putting in overtime making this ugly-ass city look a tad better. The vultures are circling...keep it up Banksy.
In related news, the blue hairs at the Acedemy won't let Banksy accept the Oscar for Exit Through the Gift Shop wearing a disguise. Yes, he will win. Read more HERE

  • Crapflinger

    #14 and #15….did some awesome person just cut out that piece of wall and sell it on ebay?

    • Crapflinger

      bah, and #16

      • Devlin

        currently up to $5,500 with free delivery in the L.A. area…awesome. Judging from the person's rating level and comments on Ebay, it appears that they may have taken the chunk of wall out themselves and decided to sell it. This doesn't look to be sold by Banksy at all. What a shame.

    • jkn

      and he shall be named : Barny stinson.

    • lonin

      Nothing awesome about some douche profiting on artwork that was done for everyone. Bansky is dead indeed. If/when that sells successfully, every piece of work he's done will start being removed and sold.

      • Don't even

        I wish i could give more thumbs up to your comment. What kind of person takes something that was intended to enjoyed by the public and sells if for personal profit?
        Admittedly, if it was the owner of the wall, it's his call. But if it wasn't, what a douche!

    • Pyp

      Quite a few people have sold his artwork by removing their walls.

      Stupidly a graffiti clean up crew in my local area painted over one of his pieces of art.

      Going to see his work in the museum was great.

    • thatslife

      good grief

  • StuScottsLeft Eye

    This Banksy dude doesnt do much for me.

    • ROb


    • Paul

      Yeah some stuff ive seen in the past is sweet but nowadays its all the same crap

      • bud

        mr. brainwash dumbed down banksy's art. made it too mainstream

        • xyz

          MBW is a farce.. Banksy is a collective, not one guy.

  • Quixote

    #1 Westside? Haven't seen that in a while…

    • Sizzle

      Who is that dude? He looks so familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. It's driving me nuts!

      • SmokeyJane

        looks like Jamie Oliver

  • Mondooh

    HIs Documentary was the Jam, very entertaining. a must watch.

    • facebook

      the jam? o.0

      • will

        it means good.

        • Erik von Markovik

          Is jelly jam? If not then what jam so special?

  • aleXTC

    Good Grief

  • Catence

    He needs to visit Minnesota and add some color to the city. Banksy is amazing.

    • testington

      you know Minnesota is a state and not a city right?

  • man man

    Banksy is the shit.

    He had a great piece in Chicago a while ago of a stroller atop an old long-ago demolished stairwell, positioned to appear that it was about to roll off of it.

    If you're in Chicago, check out Viking, Goons, Saro, Nice One, etc. Some really hip stuff happening here as well.

    • Justin Hall

      Don't know people people thumbed down this comment. Just because it's not a post about tits or ass or Chivettes, all of which are out of the league of most people thumbing you down, doesn't mean that it's not awesome. Banksy kicks ass, and his artwork is just as valid as his more "mainstream" peers.

      …On second thought, I would've preferred another Chivettes post. But I meant everything else I said.

  • MigraineBoy

    I love Banksy! At least he's all about the statement and the art and not about the fame. He rules!

  • Shitfaced

    #1 Is that Jamie Oliver?

    • McBeastie

      looks like it.

    • hamberleaf

      thts what i thought

    • karli

      yes that sure is Jamie Oliver.

    • @Pasha723

      Yeah he has opened a place called "Jamie's Kitchen" on Westwood Blvd near this Banksy.

  • Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

    Banksy is my hero. Fuck the status quo and all the hypocrites that keep it alive.

  • neil

    Banksy spraypainted the buiding i work in, tyhe cleaning guys were goint o erase it but i told them not to, its so awesome

    • mrjimmyos

      Seriously? Because that's worth documenting and sending in to chive

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Photos, mate. Seriously.

      It at least needs to be recorded before some idiot removes it.

      • Rondeau

        NEIL. Even if you don't chive a lot, pics please. You "may" be thanked with uncensored sexy chivette imagery .

  • McBeastie

    Love Banksy and love Exit Through the Gift Shop but there is no way he will win an academy award for best documentary. It's already a stretch to call it a doc and it is also up against some stiff competition. I'm thinkin' Restrepo will win.

  • TylerV

    I wonder how no one catches him…especially on the billboard

  • mattythegooch

    #9 – Fucking Amazing!!!!!!

  • Martim

    stealing street art for selling at ebay, that's low.

    • luchagrif

      it almost seems like that ebay auction could be more shady than just selling the "stolen" street art. they listed it as a "reproduction". wouldn't it actually be an original tho?!? google search on the seller just turns up a warning about them selling some fAke Chanel handbag. dunno…i'd love to buy it, but don't trust it's the real one. :-

  • Diplo

    I move for a chive post dedicated to Banksy. All in favour thumbs up

    'All artists are prepared to suffer for their art, but why are so few prepared to learn to draw?'

  • Cbra

    Let's See the .WonderBoys. at CHIVE find the one and only Banksy….now thats a challenge.

    • natron

      negatory. ruins the idiom. I don't want him found.

  • its_forge

    I was so disappointed with "Exit Through the Gift Shop," I thought it was going to be a documentary about Banksy but instead it turned out to be a documentary about that egomaniacal wanker with the video camera. Really majorly disappointing.

    • Ryan

      I completely agree. Definitely not deserving of an academy award. If anything it really undermines graffiti/art culture.

      • JesusSaves

        you idiots completely missed the point of the movie

        • JmG

          Have to agree with JesusSaves.

        • its_forge

          Well in my defense it didn't take me very long to get it once someone pointed out I missed it.

    • McBeastie

      you know it wasn't really a doc right? There was a message to that movie, I think it just went over your head.

      • its_forge

        Yeah I kinda got that too, it fits in better with Banksy's public image anyway. I guess a straightforward documentary wouldn't have worked at all. I guess I should have been happy about it because I so thoroughly despise hype and marketing and I feel like marketers have ruined so many things, or just made them harder to enjoy. Still I got pissed at having one put over on me.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Banksy. Find him.

  • Jimmy

    lol win.

  • Just Sayin'

    i was really pissed off i missed the chance to see his banksy museum in bristol!

  • don king

    …..but instead it turned out to be a documentary about that egomaniacal wanker with the video camera.


    It wasn't a documentary though was it? It was a big, cleverly executed hoax making a bit of a scathing point about the art world – how hype affects the value of art, the commodification of 'street art' culture etc.

    • its_forge

      Thanks for pointing that out "Don," I guess I didn't think that hard about it. And nothing says "commodification" like some assbag cutting a Banksy out of a wall and selling it on eBay for fifty grand huh?

  • Sugreev2001

    Banksy is awesome.However,I wish he hadn't taken the commercial route myself…makes his entire work hypocritical.

    • McBeastie

      What a stupid comment.

      • its_forge

        Yay mine wasn't the stupidest

  • richard stiffard

    douglas panzone is the sh#t around our 'hood

  • DerkaDo

    I just watched Exit Through the Gift Shop and it was really good

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