New Banksy art appearing and disappearing in LA (16 photos)

I've been a Banksy fan since before Dave Matthews was born -that's right. There has been a buzz in the air here in LA because the world's most mysterious street artist has been putting in overtime making this ugly-ass city look a tad better. The vultures are circling...keep it up Banksy.
In related news, the blue hairs at the Acedemy won't let Banksy accept the Oscar for Exit Through the Gift Shop wearing a disguise. Yes, he will win. Read more HERE

  • simmel

    They destroyed the wall?! That's insane !!

  • E

    Is that Jamie Oliver?

  • Woodrow

    The slab of concrete sold for $8100 on ebay.

  • W.C. Stephen Neal

    Wow. He/she made 4 fucking images. He/she is really giving the city a facelift. Keep it up!

    • allison

      maybe try doing your research before your next empty/worthless statement

  • GK-4

    Happy to Finally See Graffiti get some Love on Chive.
    even if it is only 4.

  • Banksy Stickers UK

    Such an inspiring piece on a totally inspiring subject. Genious.

  • cols decals

    thank god i found this information, 3 weeks i have been looking for this info. Thanks a bunch

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