Sooo….that just happened (30 Photos)

  • matt

    should i be turned on by this?

    • Jimmy the hand


      • Benny

        Well, maybe just… nope. Never mind.

    • gok attack

      You sir should tell your wife that you've swung the other way


      ur a fag

    • Don_Aguelo

      Did you?

    • Iftreescouldtalk

      absolutely not! Why would you even think to ask such a retarded question?

  • Error404k

    Possibly one of the most disturbing(yet very funny)threads ever #16 will stay with me forever

    • Stevo

      I feel like i just got mind fucked… Sideways

      • Pete Ribaudo

        You shall pass! (as a woman)

        • Pete Ribaudo

          and I live by the Mi state line…women who look like this are not that uncommon there…at wal mart, they are regulars.

  • Emma

    Jay-Z looks real.

  • abc

    that was weird. LOL

  • Ed Debevic

    #22 Just sexy as hell!!! She can push my prostate and spit on me any time!!!

    • ToolGremlin

      Hey John, so much for that IP blocking you did to take care of this idiot.

    • ED's A FAG


    • Maxim Safioulline

      Dude, WTF is wrong with being gay?

      • metalwest

        only that's not gay, it's some complicated yet simple form of bisexuality/hermaphrodite-uality.

  • PWNT

    You can't un-see that.

  • hater


    • jason in pc

      i gagged the laughed my ass of att #23

      • Claude M.

        whose the real girly man now, Arnie?

        • hMMMM



    WTF did I just get gone looking at?

    • metalwest

      apparently not a grammar book

  • TropicGrunt

    So much for morning wood. That was fuckin' nasty.

    • Catence

      Well can you settle for afternoon wood? Today is sexy chiver day.

      • eroon

        As long as those chivettes can find that perfect position you were talking about yesterday, I don't think we'll have much of a problem with that.

  • Catence

    Is it strange that #5 kind of reminds me of Laura Linney?

    • Joe

      I was getting the Tori Spelling vibe from #19

    • Dennis

      You need a post of your own my dear

  • EMT

    this DID NOT made my day…

  • jetrome

    I'm guessing that this post is here so we can appreciate how the Chivettes don't get 'shopped.

    Still… can't be un-seen…. :S

    #8 can almost pass as not 'shopped. that's scary

    • benneh

      Zack has a girl's face alright…

    • Mike Herak

      I agree…if I didn't know what the overall theme of this post was, I'd for sure think Zac Efron was chick!

    • thisguy

      Definitely Miranda Kerr's body

      • metalwest

        I didn't think there was any way I would not want to have sex with Miranda Kerr.. and this confirmed that there isn't.

  • shredsticks

    some of these are really well done….gives me the creeps!

  • PWNT

    Wait these are guys??

  • chey

    #8 Thats funny, this one wasn't shopped

    • ddd

      That one would be zach efrons face, I know… he's beautiful

  • Ceasar Titts

    is it odd to anyone else that Jackie Chan actually looks like a chinese women????

  • Sarah

    SCARY! some of those look so real!

  • Alvav


    Why not just put up a picture of Ke$ha?

    • thatwasntthequestion

      At first, I thought this was a picture of Barbara Walters.

  • Just no

    WTF Friday Chive

  • BigDingo

    #8 I'd hit that…

    • Kimmeh

      With a truck…

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Yep, women are all about the face.

    It doesn't matter how hot the body is, if the face doesn't fit then the girl will not get a second glance.

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  • Rothchild

    awww come on wheres the justin bieber pic at the end chive?!?!?! but aside from that i loled

  • ashleyging

    i think i enjoyed this a little too much haha

  • comradellen

    wait #8 isn't a girl…… you learn a new thing everyday…..

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