134 Tons of Confiscated Marijuana goes up in smoke. Thoughts?? (14 photos)

This genius book weed burning was done via the Mexican Army. So blame them, not me.

  • Kid_O


  • nevermore

    its sad that people actually react to this in a negative light,if they're burning it its for a reason.
    and all of the stoner idiots on this sights probably dont realise the bad shit that comes from drug distribution,because they are so busy being self righteous assholes smoking shit that didnt come from legal backgrounds.

    and now i await the stoner assholes and the self righteous 'you're wrong so shut up' crowd.

  • killemall420

    Its sad to see that they are ready to kill people who would try to distinguished the fire.

  • Doctor Yao

    it's brick weed…who cares???

  • Musje83

    Can't be bothered tbh. But that just might be because I live in a city where we have around 12 coffee-shops to buy the best damn stuff there is. And this city has a mere 150,000 inhabitants, go figure.

    Greetings from the Netherlands (^.^)

  • Ron Artest

    And they all played frisbee golf afterwards

  • Anonymous

    I Definitely DIED a little inside.

  • bless1

    Idiots, bet that helped the state of the world alot?

  • Geshko

    You think it'll fall???
    The Roman Empire?
    Psshh… Fuck it!!

  • gifted_beatnik

    think of the children!!!!!!!!!

  • BongPimper


  • donster

    thats all were trying to do is burn it… y must we pay people to do it when we can do it for free!

  • Diana Santos

    #14 so young…and already addicted..xD

  • filmo

    damn good start! with most these comment, you are reminded of why it's called " dope"

  • Jesse Waters

    And unfortunately, not a single fuck was given that day by those guys..

  • EJK

    Waste of time, energy, money and lives.

    • Cliff

      Funny, that is my exact opinion of illegal drug users.

  • A-Chat

    Just a thought, now that they are getting rid of all this stuff, it is going to make the market for more exspensive, more addictive and harmful drugs out there the only thing you can buy. That's a bad thought.

  • Bob

    Is this the American army/government doing this?? I can't believe how much money they are burning.

    • TIM

      $214,400,000 @ $50 OZ Which sounds cheap to me but its been a while since I've bought any.

  • Nicnac


    "wtf are they high?


    I hwouldent be to upset its from mexico its not good

  • markkens

    Just gimme an ultralight and a little luck and let me draw spirals in the air over that…

  • The Topher

    i would of been the first one there with pizza, funyuns, aba zabba's and buttercup's. taking biiiiiig whiffs in

  • Mine


  • franky

    notice how must of them were standing down wind?….but really so they burnt about what 1/10th of how much is actually out there? proabition of anything simply doesnt work

  • Keri

    OH sad day!!! hurry stand in the smoke!! imma go smoke a bowl

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