134 Tons of Confiscated Marijuana goes up in smoke. Thoughts?? (14 photos)

This genius book weed burning was done via the Mexican Army. So blame them, not me.

  • Chris

    You guys are pathetic everyone going "noooooooo" and being upset that they burned pot. Do something with your lives instead of just smoking pot and wasting your money. Maybe if you smoked less you would notice how stupid and boring/useless you are when you smoke pot, and smell like shit. You honestly have to be pretty lonely and pathetic to smoke pot all the time.

    • Joey

      Chris has no friends

    • Jordan

      I burn weed all the time, and when I do I say,”yeeeeesssssss”

  • menace

    some town somewhere is high as shit

  • Eddie

    #12 And not a single fuck was given that day

  • asb

    #5 easily taking that ish back to the hood

  • ryan

    i would love to fly over at low altitude with my head out the window 😀

  • jtorresfuentes


  • icce

    ill Mexican brick weed. thats stuff was from last years harvest…

  • ed307

    I don't mind I drink….. a lot.

  • JoJo

    Oh look, nerds with guns and pot!!


  • Ivan

    Tijuana, Mexico October 20th 2010.
    That's what burning 340 million dollars looks like

  • elbruces

    Bye bye, tax revenue…

  • Moose

    134 tons of tax revenue the United States government could be tapping into if they legalized A PLANT.

  • Someone

    If the US military would do this to the poppy fields of Afghanistan, the war on terror would be over in a few months, because about 80% of the Taliban's funding would be gone.

    Something to think about………

  • sixdeadelves

    how close can we stand to it while it burns?

    • Van Gogh

      not much, it really heats up a lot, i was like about 50 mts from it, and i was almost burning, you have to be really really far

  • Jordan

    What a crime! They should be arrested! Mexican weed is shit anyways.

  • maryjanelover


  • http://optional.com rick hotdog

    looks like a bunch of poop mids

  • Rick

    God damn you!!!!!!!!

  • Wavien

    I can't believe how many people in here are commenting on how wrong and sad it is. No people, YOU are sad, stay away from that shit! I'm glad it was burnt..

  • http://theyachtclublife.blogspot.com Lojikal Artist

    So thats what they do with weed that they forcefully take from legal distributors and dispensaries? Isnt that what we were gonna do with it anyway? The government is selfish, they just dont want people making money and enjoying life

  • IamwhoIam

    You know good and well some of those soldiers took off their masks and hold long good sniff

  • mapmuma

    Would like to have at least been down wind……….

  • tom

    what has the world come to

  • theMorgue77


  • Da Sandman


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