134 Tons of Confiscated Marijuana goes up in smoke. Thoughts?? (14 photos)

This genius book weed burning was done via the Mexican Army. So blame them, not me.

  • Cheeze81

    I get this sneaking suspicion that as this was occurring… they were all laughing their asses off.

  • jewelsmight

    hmmmmm did anyone else note that not ONE of the "officers" was wearing a repirator???? OK granted it is only brick weed…. but still… now all the weed is gone…. and the cops are high.

  • robsterling

    They are driving up prices! You bastards!

  • DanG

    Looks like a bunch of shwag… Everyone is better off without brick weed!

  • Van Gogh

    i was at one of those weed burnings when i was at my military service in mexico, they burn it with gasoline, so it's hard to get high with it (believe me, i tried) and also, they don't burn it all, they leave a few bricks, for their "military needs"

  • Beast

    The solders chest are puffed out why? They are trying to hold that shit in. Quote from one solder saying "this was the low grade shit, Americans wont by it anymore so instead of wasting money on transport we burned it, it still did the job for us though".

  • Necochea

    my god! Why?? is….marihuana!

  • MrCjv

    Let me get this straight: Is that OUR military standing guard as the fire rages with the war on drugs? Is that OUR tax dollars being spent in the best way possible? You might as well burd TOMATOES you dumbasses.

  • Carlos SLB

    a little bit of me just died =´(

  • im202235

    this is to prevent the gangs and cartel from making money…when they hide out in the forest and grow these plants it causes a lot of environmental damage chemicals in the water and soil as well as clearing land. Plus when the gardens are discovered by hikers sometimes they get killed, or if officers go in to the gardens shootings happen.

    so i dont fucking care if it all burns.

  • The Candadian

    Bah! At first glance heartbreaking. But it's MEXICAN weed = CRAP. Then again Americans don't know the difference. Prob all homegrown anyways. If lets say it was Kush or any of the better strains then that would be a tradgedy.

    Proud Canadian Farmer

  • Didi

    #14 awwwww hahaahaha
    I´d definitely be like that as well 😦

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  • jeremy

    its mexican weed though, who wants to smoke that shit, we've got a lot higher grade growing here on 'merican soil!

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