Amazing wallpapers, no really (32 Photos)

These wallpapers and many more HERE.

  • Paula

    Trolls will be…

    – the one you love to hate

  • Anonymous

    The landscape ones are the best

  • Rodd Hungwell

    Ummmm…..I hate to break it you Bob but I think its shopped

    • nick

      I think green screen shopped

    • Piggy

      Yeah, actually. Most wall covering providers like MDC wall covering are now offering digital prints to wallcovering. Making custom murals. So, these photos might be shopped to show you different options, but they are all available.

  • BeccaB86

    As cool as they are, something like that has to mess with the resale value if you get it in your house.

    • jimb89

      Incorrect, if I was house or apartment shopping and I came across one of these. I would want it right away 🙂

    • Whubbsie

      Actually do this stuff as my job, we use removable vinyl, comes off without damaging the wall whenever you like, plus it's reusable. Generally used by people in rental homes/apartments

  • Boobie Muncher

    This is all photoshopped wallpaper behind the same foregrounds. What the hell is so special about this?

    • Steeb

      hm…how about the fact that you can buy it and have one of your walls in your house/apartment look as awesome as these?

  • Aaron Burns

    hmmmm…. some look photoshopped…

  • hossmank

    I agree that they are most likely 'shopped. However, I enjoy #29.


    wow I want one too!

  • Sean Holden

    Anyone else assume this was going to be hi-res desktop wallpaper? Hahah

    • SffS_MC

      That's the pun fella. That's why it says "No, really" at the end of the title genuis!

  • Drew Chavez

    reminds me of that movie Smart house, haha

    • Tyler

      hahaha… i thought the same exact thing

      • kenzie

        thought that as soon as I saw #14

  • ale

    Agree with the shopped part. If u want something like this, try designers, how knows something about offset prints. It could be expensive (cause its like printing billboards), and I can tell they are gonna not look cool, when u are close (like huge dots of paint)

    • crowe

      Not true at all. Because its the same furniture in all of these they're obviously shopped to show what it would look like, but as far as what they would actually look like, as long as the right quality original image is used a large format digital printer can run at 2880 dpi as oppossed to the 300 or 600 of a standard desktop. These wouldn't be done as offsets for a one off print like these. Printer rage subsiding…. nice weather we're having no?

  • OyVey

    or, maybe, just maybe – they are murals offered commercially and you too can own one. Here, let me google that for you….

    • OyVey

      ok, 3 seconds, found several reputable outlets. most common wall sizes started at $180 and up. schmucks – you all want to see photoshop everywhere – quick, get the aluminum hats out – its a conspiracy.

      • Kurli

        No one is saying that these don't exist for sale, but these particular images are likely shopped. did they wallpaper a wall, put a desk in front of it to take a picture? THEN rip it down put up new wallpaper, take a picture over and over? Don't think so

  • Drelly

    #26 is that a ghost? O_O

    • JAFitC


  • Grevis
    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Yes, I am having these in the bedrooms. Thank you.

      No more waking up to blank painted walls, instead our inner city apartment is going to have views of forests and paradise beaches.

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  • OneClownShoe

    Oh, actual WALL paper. For a moment I was thinking, who would want a white couch as their background pic?

  • Jason Ciotti

    Bob, you can effectively get anything done really. Go here: I have a 7×4 in my living room.

  • biscuit

    #21 anyone else think of Rob and Big?

    • myhamstring

      Haha I love that show.

    • kat

      yup! hahaha

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #19 rocks…

  • V. Putin

    I hope everyone who say shopped is eaten by wolves. 13yr olds not allowed to comment in great Mother Russia, this makes for better sense in posts.

    • been

      Calling shopped doesn't always mean something has been shopped to to make the impossible look possible. I don't think people are arguing the existence of these, I think they just see how stupid it is to show a digital rendering of what's really not that impressive to begin with.

  • HeavyD

    #17 #21 #24 so cool!

  • Yeahbeer

    Pretty awesome pics

  • ely whitley

    They're not shopped. My friend just got some for his kitchen wall and I used to work in the sign industry, these massive digital images are all over the place, most towns have a place that will convert your photos into wallpaper. piece of piss mate.

    • Colin

      Not shopped? It’s the same desk and sofa and counters in almost all the images. Granted, these may be examples of real images you ‘could’ get on your wall, but the majority of these shots are most certainly shopped.

    • Frank

      Most of these are shopped…Its the same couch, and same floor, and the detail is too high. Don't be dumb.

  • Sarah

    I found #11 somewhat disturbing, but I liked the ones with trees – very calming
    (Dolphin one would be nice in a bathroom)

    • jeyson

      Obviously not out of an NY building

      • montez

        I was thinking the same thing.

  • Paula

    'Fire' is not the 'F' word I was looking for dear.

    – the one you love to hate

    • fng

      well then how about these f-words. frog,fart,fap,freaking,fornacate,flip,frag,frozen.
      how about those f-words, any help.

      • Paula

        "Go die in a frog"? You're a sick little bastard aren't you dear? o.0

        – the one you love to hate.

        • Tristan

          Paula bend over and let me f-word you

          • Pete Ribaudo

            paula is a man. congratulations, you are now gay.

    • gofistyourself

      how's about you throw yourself into a furnace !!!!

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