Amazing wallpapers, no really (32 Photos)

These wallpapers and many more HERE.

  • Wave Runner

    Fabulous !

  • Seldi84

    #13 I think i just found my new bedroom wallpaper.

  • Lojikal Artist

    Great photoshop work guys…. I would actually love to have #19 #21 and #24

  • Billie Page


  • chicken

    #11 is wrong. just wrong. especially if in a high building. wtf. over.

  • Jim Schneider

    F*ck your couch!

  • Deadalready

    These examples look shopped, printed wall vinyls are usually printed in panels due to printer size, material size, time and application ease.

    While it is possible to get these done as a single print and find photography of high enough resolution… the time, skill and money involved would be Staggering.

    A job like this would easily be in the 3-5 thousand dollar region. MORE if it was done as a single print. As much as I would love to do it to my own home, 5k buys a sweet sound system.

  • jjmmtt

    This is the worst photo post I have ever seen on my 17 years on the internet.

  • misschris

    I want a wall mural so bad. I don't know why people think it's shopped – you can find things like these at Home Depot.

  • Busternut

    #11 is …well….errrmmm. WTC?

  • Matt

    So stupid! Please, if you don't have anything worth posting, just give us one less thread during the day.

  • Peter

    Anybody notice the same sofa and trim at the bottom and same floor in multiple pictures? Same room, different backgrounds.

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  • Terrence Westbrook

    I wonder if any furnished apartments in brussels would allow me to repaint the walls like any of those. However, I'm not too keen on the diver swimming across the wall design. It's a little creepy.

  • Eleanor Lang

    It blows me away to see how realistic those wallpapers look. It's almost as if you could step into the wall and be warped to a whole new location.

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