Household items full of WTF (25 Photos)

  • This Guy

    dangerous umbrella for dangerous weather

    • Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

      I have this umbrella, actually. It goes awesome with the leather trenchcoat. I get a lot of funny looks around campus. 😛

      • its_forge

        Does the umbrella store in your katanaspace?

        • Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

          I WISH.

          Unfortunately, the "scabbard" is a piece of crap cloth sheath and broke the first week in. Will make a duct tape replacement later.

  • Shawn35

    #23 is pretty ingenious, wouldnt mind that in my place

    • mrjimmyos

      Don't leave a draw open and then come down for a mignight snack!

      • GK-4

        it does look dangerous if it's not closed

  • metalcool36

    #3 At least you'll never lose track of the time when playing beer pong

    • b.o.l

      why would you care? you're playing beer pong

  • michaelglassman

    Some of these are full of WIN

  • Tomas

    #23 is cool. 🙂

    • Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

      It's fucking brilliant.

  • sean

    can you please post where to get some of these things next time? not to be a jerk, but if you're gonna share stuff like this, ya might as well post a link with it…

    • equalizermax

      chive stole these from other sites, they don't know either…

    • osirisoflight

      some of these items can be purchased at thinkgeek[dot]com

  • PaeMaiBuddha

    'You will RUE this day!…..Well go on, start rueing!!!'….#13

    • OneClownShoe

      LOL I love Stewie!

    • Jay

      You shouldn't hang me on a hook Johnny. My mother hung me on a hook once. Once.

  • equalizermax

    #10 – I want one for Christmas!

    • mauricio

      he needs a HAM & CHEESE! Stat!

  • Havoc Control

    #1 #7 #16 are all great. I did #23 to the stairs in my old house after seeing it done in a Mag.

  • dailygoldandsilver

    #23 I wrote a paper in Jr. High with this as my invention. I cant believe someone beat me to the punch of making a prototype. Damn, its only been 15 years!

    • duff

      My Grandparents had this in there House back in the 50's

  • Johnny Danger

    #13 My father hung me on a hook once. ONCE!

    • Bobo

      Yea so did my Dad but it was with my underwear and it was the worst wedgy ever!

  • Marco

    My brother-in-law bought me a book for Christmas – the whole thing was Chindogu stuff. The Keyboard tray in #24 is in it.

    • greenerblues

      There's some craaaaazy stuff in that book!

  • naigoto

    Wow, some of these things are actually really cool

  • Brad

    I think I've seen most of these things in the Skymall catalog…

  • Craig Weiss

    #5 – only comes in women's sizes

    • lol

      Of course. Their place is in the kitchen and cleaning all day.

  • sss

    I would say that about 3/4 of these are million dollar ideas.

  • Fisheyes

    "So, how did you break your neck?" Well, someone left the drawer in our stairs open and…. #23

    • bunedoggle

      Huh, until I read your post I though this was great. Thanks, the neck you saved may be mine.

      • Carter

        #23 looks like an absolute death trap to me.

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  • mrjimmyos

    Some of these are visions of the future!

  • napamamascribe

    #2 seems like its a little creepy.

    • Done

      Like the stairs – does it have a place to put a (open) can of tuna?

  • bob

    i want #21

  • Seldi84

    #10 Best. Toaster. EVER!

  • menace

    some of this stuff is pretty damn cool

  • Tex

    Little help finding #17 ?

  • Brad

    IMO, all of these are full of WIN, not WTF.
    BTW, where can I get #6? I've got to get me one of those!

    • elburro

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