John Wall’s High Bounce Alley-Oop to Blake Griffin. PIG has changed since I was young (Video)

John Wall’s High Bounce Alley-Oop to Blake Griffin at this year’s 2011 T-Mobile Rookie Challenge was just ridiculous. Now only if these two could actually do something like this in a game that actually counted for something.

  • Vince

    That was sick

  • Reesty


  • Pufffdragon

    I don't care what the haters say. I'm actually missing those dead space ads.
    Bring on dead space 3, YEAH!!!!!!

    • HellHath NoLife

      It's an atrocity.

    • susy sue

      i think it dun make a person become insane

  • anonymous

    John Wall… what a monster.

  • blake honda

    Blake Griffin is a beast but I think Javale McGee should of won the Slam Dunk Contest.

    • Reesty

      i bet given the amount of times it took for him to make both dunks that most pros could have pulled it off.

    • Dave23

      McGee should have won and Ibaka got robbed getting a 45 in rd 1 going from the free throw line. Griffins first few dunks were sick but he didn't deserve to win the finals

      • Rob M

        Sad thing is after the first round of dunks, Griffin was probably 4th. Home court advantage though swayed the voters.

  • Reesty

    i'll bet given the amount of time that it took McGee to make both dunks that almost any pro big man could have made that dunk

  • link

    Erybody do the John Wall

  • clickhere

    white man can t jump

    ( nah jk don t start a flame war,
    cool trick thoughtt)

    • clickhere

      no srsly white man can t jump

  • Alex McGlone

    Former Wildcat getting it done.
    C-A-T-S Cats, Cats, CATS!

  • Rob M

    Been coming to Chive for a long time and it takes John Wall to get a post out of me. The man has brought hope to the Wizards again. Wall to McGee is reason alone to watch some Wizards games. Thank god they are going back to red, white and blue uniforms.

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