• TeeJ


  • PaeMaiBuddha

    Cool video, but I still get more excited that there isn't Dead Space 2 ads anymore than anything else

    • michael moore


  • http://www.facebook.com/zues86 Jesus Muniz

    this might actually make up for all the weird things that some out if Japan

    • Mike

      Honestly, I was thinking this might be worth all the tentacle rape…

  • equalizermax

    I want more!

  • Wow


  • Dude

    That was pretty good, why can't my shadow do that?

    • Gaui

      Yours really can't do that? mine does funky shit like that all the time, can be annoying though

  • I am Name

    Bad ass.

  • JstevensF

    Love the FATALITY move.

  • chived

    fuck me! wincredible

  • Who

    I can do that, I just don't wanna…

  • SinisteRtheWickeD


  • busted

    If someone doesn't explain to me how they did this I'm going to explode with frustration. I can only do a rabbit.

  • Chris Scharff

    Nice NIN loop at the end.

  • http://theyachtclublife.blogspot.com Lojikal Artist

    So Peter Pan is a Samurai now? and apparently his shadow got tired of him being a gay pirate

  • ely whitley

    shadows and dust Spaniard, shadows and dust

  • Da Sandman

    dude…. this is the greatest thing i have ever seen in my entire life…

  • stew

    AWESOME……that is all

  • Smoose

    I want to know how. But I do know how to kill the shadow, just turn the flash light off and the lights back on. ha

  • Cqcumber

    thats freaking awesome!

  • Nizzy

    EPIC!!!! whoever did this.. should do more.

  • Lost anyone?

    I can't believe Jacob lost… What a fucking loser

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vance-Garner/100000536796746 Vance Garner

    So am I the only one who thought of a mix of master hand from smash bros, and shadow link from ocarina of time?

  • Nerzhul


  • fred

    cute but thug, sorry; thug

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