Yer doing it right (22 photos)

  • jeff

    need more post today… SOO BORED AT WORK!!

    • Mello-

      MOOOOARRR posts chive


      • jochtr

        OH God is it ever a Monday! I need more EVERYTHING.

  • Random

    #10, #14 – so right

  • Cal

    #19 clear it bro.

    • steve

      He's like, seconds from doing that ..DERRP

  • PaiMaeBuddha

    There is no better way to start the week, than with the Chive…… Thanks

  • Fisheyes

    #10 just made my day.

  • GK-4

    #15 new life goal

  • sully23

    #22. Damnit. That's where I fucked up. I didn't get a civic. No wonder….Duh!

  • WTFever

    I want to buy that pink shirt right off her twins

  • Al1

    I should reconsider my career #16…

    • me2

      once you started your new career… can you send us the picture from the photographers perspective, please

    • @txt2verse

      I am a photographer… I have done that

    • Nunya

      yeah, cuz you could be photographing a fat chick's twat…

  • toban

    is #10 legal?

    • frank

      im sure you would turn her down

      • toban

        lets not get carried away now

  • Anakrusix

    So… #8. We mix them all and chug?

  • VampJenn

    #8 dear lord i wish i wasn't at work. I want to be with friends and with this pic

  • FoBisS

    Is "You´re doing it right", big mistake CHIVE

  • Avi

    #22 4 Dil** WTF

  • SheOnceBelieved

    Nothing has ever been more correct than #9

    • Brodysseus
    • Tristan

      I agree

    • True Patriot

      Sorry Hot Air came from the previous administration.
      "W Bush" equals
      1) Worse recession in 70 Years
      2) 2 wars and more American deaths than what accured during 9/11
      3) Longest running war (Afghanistan) in US History
      4) Highest gas prices in US History
      5) Worse intelligence in US since Pearl Harbor (9/11, WMDs)
      6) Worse response to a national disaster (Katrina)

      Obama is still cleaning up "W" screw ups. He may not be perfect but is a far sight better than the man who has bankrupt every company he has run. Including the US government.

      • SheOnceBelieved

        Obama voted FOR everything Bush did….so it's his fault too….where did Obama ever try and stop Bush?
        Also, Obama said there are 57 states
        he called a corpsman a "Corpsman" pronouncing the P
        He's a complete idiot….so are you UnTrue patriot

        • True Patriot

          1) How did Obama vote for everything Bush did when he was only a senator from 2004 to 2008. Bush was president from 2000 to 2008. Check your facts.
          2) Why is it Obama's fault as a Junior Senator for not stopping Bush and aren't you admitting that Bush did wrong and someone should have stopped him.
          3) You have never misspoken in you life… BS… It happens.
          4) Giving my opinion does not make me an idiot. Calling people one for having a opinion can.

          Sarcasm- Thanks Chive for taking a enjoyable website and polarizing it with political slants. Makes my day so much better

          • Moby

            Don't bitch about political slanting bro, It happens AT LEAST twice as often in the opposite direction.
            Btw, on Obama spending VS Bush

            • Moby

              Though I will admit I wish they didn't do any slanting to begin with so we can agree on that at least

      • :-)

        Obama is just screwing the country up even further, the gas prices right not are just as high if not higher then they were with bush in 2007. The stimulus plan that Obama passed is not adding any jobs like he said it would, the healthcare bill violates the constitutional rights of the states, and he has added more debt to this country than any other president.

    • duff

      Everyone Has Missed the Point Here…. All Politicians Sound the same The pic is neither Dem or Reb everyone get of your High horse and just enjoy some Comedy laugh and move on everyone is way to sensitive nowadays

    • Matt

      Hey, I voted for Obama and I think this is funny. Most Presidential speeches are a bunch of hot air no matter who is up there speaking. All of you going back and forth about Bush and Obama need to learn how government works. The president is mostly a figurehead and not as powerful you think they are. In fact if you want to blame someone for the way things are blame yourself because you are named in the constitution as being partly responsible.

      • Hez26


    • Anon

      I'm fortunate enough to know only people who are intelligent enough to be aware of the fact the Republican party is the current problem with our country. Not our President.

    • dkinabox

      Morons, all of you. How bout you just laugh at the funny picture and scroll down and repeat?

  • Stevo

    #3 Fr Ted win!

    • Richard

      one of the best comedies EVER

    • Luke Kinsella

      Not seen in this picture is the spider baby. It has the body of a spider, but the mind of a baby!

  • Mr_Rob

    Now thats a reason to put one of these on my backyard!! #15

  • Brodysseus

    I agree.

  • nothingtoseehere

    #21 mmmMMMmmm – Spaghetti Sandwiches are amazing!

    • Badfish

      Yeah, I totally do that all the time. In fact, I'm pretty sure I invented them. Shouldn't have been so lazy on the patent office paperwork.

  • DaddyD

    #17 … you're over-doing it …

  • Bob

    #3…Father Ted, awesome show.
    #10…Wow, I am in love, again.
    #13…Sure was nice of you to help with the tire.

    • Badfish

      Father ted is simply the finest irish comedy ever made that centers around 3 dysfunctional priests* being stuck on an island.


  • Robert

    #19 I'd like to see more of these kind of pictures on this site.

    • jken


    • Spencer

      Says the D.E.A. Agent.

    • onecalledsam

      Of the dude?

    • Matt

      Actually, I don't get this one. It's not random or funny. I've seen this sort of thing a million times already. Yeah, a lot of us smoke pot and it's illegal so there's the whole subversive aspect, but that's nothing new. This picture doesn't really fit in my opinion unless there were to be something unique or strange or hilarious about it.

      • Matt

        Oh, wait…I get it. This post is called "Yer Doin' it Right" which he is…but still.

  • Yeahbeer



    #10 Niiice
    #13 Would make a great GIF

  • Lauren Gentile

    #4 – So. Insanely. AWESOME!
    #8 – My OCD is telling me that they switched the placement of the Baileys with the Daniels…but I am SURE a few hits of those would help to remedy that! 😉

    • guest

      they switched the bailey's, the jack, and then something else in the mix also, because the Jack is definitely neither the second shot glass or the third shot glass either.

      • Lauren Gentile

        I noticed that after I commented too, so semi-fail on my part! Good call though!

        I actually think the Bailey's is first, the Kaluha is second…and then anything after that isn't coffee'ish flavored or creamy so I wouldn't exactly know. :p

        Not sure why they would change the order because it isn't exactly in any specific rainbow order (until the shot of Jack starts), but still cool none-the-less!

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