Daily Afternoon Randomness (47 Photos)

  • leocast

    #18 is so awesome. also first!

    • gorthaug

      janitor is awesome, you are not

    • 4xaClown

      Everything was fine up until the full stop. Then, you failed.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dexsquab Dexsquab Molutinator

      People are so anti-first now. Sorry, that's so mainstream.

      You get a thumbs up from me, for tenacity.

      • foxrockx

        have you guys seen the simpsons?

  • Richard Nixon

    #9 must be doing A LOT of fucking!

    • Tricky Dick

      But also eating MORE cake.

      • Brendan

        Actually she has cut down on fucking and is concentrating on eating cake!

    • therewasshrinkage

      I think it's actually supposed to say "Will Fuck Cake"

    • Turd Furgeson

      #7 children will die.

  • damon

    #30 I finally got a photo posted in the DAR. it's more exciting for me than it should probably be (said the retail worker)

    • kikiklas

      epic goatse!

    • Jobi

      I have been trying for months!! I would be crazy stoked too

    • http://twitter.com/maxfulghum @maxfulghum

      Ah, gotta love Parc Asterix.

  • Random

    #8 – acceptable duckface

    • DCMOFO

      What duck fa……. oh nm

    • TheRealSnowman

      What duckface? You've failed the test!

  • Cris_Ron

    #15 "Found her"

    • Big E

      Whats up with the size of the guys head in the back?

    • Hooligan

      I'm sorry – but is it wrong for a loyal Chiver to wanna nail Emily?

  • http://twitter.com/importantcrap @importantcrap

    #8 – I didn't see the duckface, let alone the text.

    • HeavyD

      well done m8. u passed the test

    • Cris_Ron

      so why did you write about both????

    • Dos

      I didn't see the txt until I read ur comment

  • Shawn35

    #10 is begging to be shopped

    • BobSugar


    • DudeBro

      I thought someone already did when they put that microphone in there.

  • thomas

    #15 – take a closer look at the chive office cam…

    • Redd

      There is a missing head in the far left chair and the other heads seem all out of whack. WTF?

    • taylor

      the fat one is wearing a Viking helmet

    • Jeremy

      This is a mystery for the Hardly Boys.

  • Lylah

    #18 possibly the best show ever.

    • http://twitter.com/JasonFlook @JasonFlook

      After arrested development and better off ted as far as comedy goes for me.

      • P-diddy

        it would take some long consideration to decide the "best show ever", but as much as i like Scrubs, which is a lot, i would have to put Arrested Development ahead of it. that show was incredible

    • Hawk

      After Arrested Development and maybe equal with Community for me. Better Off Ted was great but needed to last longer.

      • Sizzle

        Better Off Ted and Arrested Development were obviously too much for mainstream American idiots to handle. Community is totally lame; can't stand it.

    • Stevo

      Hyperbole? on the Chive? Surely not!

  • bowhuntpa

    #47 Dear Summer come quick

    • reggie

      wow that so weird. how did you know my name was summer, and youre right i sure did….

      • ricky

        sure it's not reggie?

    • word

      Thats what she said.

  • jake

    #47 – know how the chive ends the DAR with some smoking hot chick, usually her ass? I like that… very much

  • http://blog.tomsforeign.com Yeahbeer

    #34 No sorry…

    • Jules

      Must hurt to wear a belt /;

    • Guy

      I was too busy keeping myself from fapping at work to notice the piercings, to be honest. Works for me!

      • Tomas

        I think they are sexy as hell!

      • RangerW

        FINALLY!!! I thought I was the only guy who enjoyed alternative piercings on hot chicks! Really hope she doesn't take them out because of all these comments!

        • Bexxxx

          very much agree, I love a girl whos inspired to be different! Hot

    • itsmemrtom

      Pointless and disgusting. KYI

    • Erik von Markovik

      I vote to concentrate on the gap instead.

    • HaterAid

      The holes are FRAKING GROSS and take away from the hotness. I'd still hit that, but only doggy-style.

    • Adam

      Trendy and stupid…NEXT!

    • Urban

      Yes, sexy as all hell. But you're talking to a guy that had his nipples pierced.

    • Josh

      at first i thought they were warts….only due to the black and white photo…..i am indifferent to the piercings tho. If they were warts i would be down for sure

    • Crizz


    • ostrichman1985

      Im a fan of hipbones and that kind of peircing screams "stare at my hips", so im a fan. Regardless, may I request that The Chive do a post dedicated to hips. You guys do underboob, sideboob, hump day; all of which are awesome, I just think that a hip gallery would be awesome too.

      • Tigz

        I agree Chive should do a post dedicated to sexy hips!!

        • Tigz

          Preferably without the piercings though… just sayin

    • George

      I don't have to say anything about those moronic stupid piercings..

      i believe this guy already said it all

      <img src="http://i.imgur.com/3xizn.jpg&quot; alt="" title="Hosted by imgur.com" />

      • uSir

        Even Sir Lawrence wouldn't hit that. Sorry dear.

    • BigDingo


    • Flicka

      Nope. Will not do.

    • BobSugar

      i would still hit that… but it's a No-Go

    • John


    • LSUangler

      You appear attractive. Take out the dumb ass piercings, please.

    • Chappy

      LOVE IT!!!

    • huuurngh


      A Not joke!

    • Anon

      Piercing for the sake of piercing is not only unattractive, but it screams 'pay attention to me', let alone, sending in a pic with a 'fishing for compliments'-like tag. I knew a girl who had her cheecks done and that was hard enough to tolerate. Not to mention the girl who pierced the fleshy bit between her fingers. Yeah, that's right. Pretty !#@$^* stupid and needless if you ask me. And I'm into piercings. Bridge, nose, lips, eyebrow, tounge, nips, clit/hood, ear. Whatever. Used to have my lip/eyebrow done. But this is just dumb as hell.

    • El Fantom

      No, just no! Belly percing is 1000000X better.

    • Anonymous

      What do the Chivers think of my cameltoe?

    • Gottfried

      Interesting. There is a girl I have met who has dermals in a star on her back and I would love to make it a shooting star. But those, I am somewhat indifferent too. It is one of those deals, if a girl is hot it doesn't matter what she is wearing, she is hot. And you are hot, though I probably shouldn't tell you that since most attractive girls know it and it goes to their heads.

    • Head Chef

      That is rank!!

  • joeybeadz

    #26 theres just something about her name

    • http://www.facebook.com/thaipaige Ty Paige

      yep i googled it, there should have been a NWA warning haha

      • Wolfram

        Yeah that came up with a lot of NSFW pics. I also found the "those of you with Google" funny.

    • Matt

      there's also something about turning safe search off. click click click click click!

      • ROK

        what is this google of which you speaketh?

        • afarrari

          ^made me lulz

    • bud

      i think she looks the hottest in the first pic of her bending over in the red shorts

    • Guest

      I think her real name is Jessica King. Looks like she did some playboy stuff, might be able to find some other pics as well.


    #46 like a douche!

    • Smashedfox

      Hammer Time

    • Filet O' Fish

      He's like a modern James Bond villain.

    • Dr. Marklar

      Haters gon' hate

      • bud

        yes, haters will most likely hate

    • George W

      And the award for the craziest chap alive goes to…

    • db3300

      For those of you doubting the level of his insanity, here you go.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      "Hey Jabba…..Look Jabba, I was just on my way to pay you back and I got a little sidetracked… It's not my fault."

    • Bejesus


    • HeisGroot!

      "Ms. Gaga, the test-results are clear. You may want to sit down for this if your wardrobe allows it…
      Your father is…"

    • Sizzle

      Totally got my Halloween costume sorted for this year.

    • shouldbeworking

      is that gene simmons?

      • Sarah

        I hope for your sake you're either joking or you're 9.. no wait… 5 years old

  • http://twitter.com/JustNielz @JustNielz

    #47 damn that's hot !

  • Shawn35

    #34, I dont know about the piercings but that GAP is a keeper

    • Yuzaki

      Gaps deserve a whole post !

    • Togs

      GAPPAGE Rules

    • http://www.facebook.com/Tomsfoolery Tommy Dieterich

      The gap is very nice, and the piercings give me something to aim at.


    #5 is f-ing amazing!

    • http://www.facebook.com/MataHaji Andy Sandoval

      I saw this Monday morn, it was done over the weekend. I drive by this on my way home every day. I want to break that wall off and put it up on my wall. Its sick!

  • cable sucks


    • napamamascribe

      thank you captian obvious. Did google solve that mystery for you?

      • Mark Konior

        I was thinking more like Fuck Dat Ass Up

  • king

    #22 is the epidemy of fail

    • chrisdg74

      *epitome. You know all about fail.

    • sodapopinski

      epidemy is the epitome of fail

    • Master Bait

      Know your role and shut your damn mouth

    • Spaceno

      It's still real to me damnit!! *tears*

    • WordBoss

      An epidemic disease?


    • BobSugar

      please teach your son how to google spellcheck, it's too late for you.

    • P-diddy


  • McBeastie

    #34 I think they are quite stupid myself. Nice body though.

    • Chef

      Suddenly, I'm hungry for dessert.

  • whitneysouth

    What kind of snake is in #39?

    I could look it up myself but …refuse to.

    • Captain Slappy

      I could tell you but …refuse to.

      • midwestdouchebag

        it's a boa constrictor

    • bbbutter

      Whitneysouth…Always good to see another chiver (a smokin hot one at that!) in the SLC!

      • Stevo

        charm : smarm ratio fail

    • Tyrone

      that is a fine pic but what happens next time hes shaving naked and the snake is hungry?

    • Brother Maynard

      It's not a boa, most likely an albino Burmese python, or maybe an African Rock python.

      • Dizzle

        Albino Burmese Python is Correct. Looks just like my brothers… same size too… her name is Nasty, she eats 20 lbs Jack Rabbits….

  • Jakub Wrobel

    #21 This should read "Massive Sideboob."

  • !!!!

    #44 won it for me.

    • http://niina.wordpress.com Nina

      Most disgusting thing I've seen all day, but I would agree.

      • Dave

        That would be me. It was pretty disgusting at the time but they were delicious once we cooked them 🙂

        And worth it to be Randomized 😀

        • http://niina.wordpress.com Nina

          I've had them served at restaurants before, and love the taste, I just didn't know how bad they look before they're cooked. Learn something new every day witt DAR I guess 🙂

          • Crapflinger

            they're pretty tasty before they're cooked too (bonus points if they're uncooked and still alive)…i've eaten squid that way (the bugles way) but not octopus

  • Big E

    #3 Add to cart

  • Vic

    heee haaaa hoooo weeeeeeeeee

    • Phockett

      #34 i think thats that actually hot!

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