Daily Afternoon Randomness (47 Photos)

  • bigleo

    Want more of her too!

  • slick

    #34, wouldn't stop me from giving you one good night, but you'd have to get rid of them if you wanted two.

  • phideauxe

    #21 I have seen the ultimate sideboob. Now I can die a happy man. Thank you.

  • Dee

    number 23 will deprive me of many weeks of sleep THANKYOUVERYMUCH :

  • http://pacnwrighty.blogspot.com/ PACNW_Righty

    #34 Not a huge fan of this, but each her own. the wax job is AWESOME. But I wish she would pull those shorts down about another 1 mm.

  • Michael

    32 is so hot!

    By Russian or Canadian standards, anyway.

  • CC101

    #1 -Have for some reason ALWAYS wanted to witness something just Like this picture, too cool.
    #9 -REALLY??? #13- Glad Im not the only one who thought about that lol
    #23 -Just fucked me all up.. fuck you clown.
    #35 -is funny.. why? Havnt figured that out yet.
    #37 -made me forget about the clown =}
    #38 -STOP IT.

  • SorryDontGetIt

    I don't get this stuff. Occasionally they're funny but most of them, like this one, are just pointless and dull.

    Give this comment a thumbs down if your sense of belonging to an online community has overpowered your ability to accept the opinion of another in a mature and unbiased manner.

  • Elyse

    #34 Personally I think they're pretty hot. At least something fun to mix it up for a while! They'll reject so you can't keep them forever any way.


    #34 fucking amazing

  • Bigus Dickus

    #26 Damnit! I needed a warning before looking her up at work! Totally worth it though….

  • Dontai

    #22 strong in him the force it is

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