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  • Diana Santos

    #1 amazing! i would love a trip live that ❤

  • Wolfram

    #34 followed by #35 =epic. Seriously tho that's pretty "wtf" in my book. All the same, it's a hot picture.

  • Dee Money


    Haters Gonna Hate!

  • Wolfram

    #30, now THAT is gaping… ew.

  • big meech

    dear #34, i think they are sexy as hell. sincerely, big meech

  • dave

    You have a nice body from what I can tell. There is no need for the piercings. It's like putting flame decals on a Ferrari. Why mess with perfection?

  • Jason

    #34 Nope… have a great body don't fuck it up with those things

  • lolichaser

    hater gonna hate

  • Unloved

    #36 – My ENTIRE time in high school

  • MikeL71

    #34 Nice gap and body, but the piercings ruin an otherwise awesome view. They will leaves annoying looking hole-scars too.
    #21 should have her own post. Dang!

  • anon

    #34 gross lose em

  • Wes

    #34 you are sexy as hell…the piercings are not

  • Oh4fuckssake

    #21 tineye down for maintenance!!!!! dammit!!!!!

  • its_forge

    #34 eeeeuuuuuggghhhhh, sorry hon, but eeeuuuggghghhhh; #42 holy effing wow

  • Screw the Packers

    #34 I LOVE these piercing. Not sure why anyone has a problem with them.

  • doob

    #28 is incorrect…it was a promotional stunt by a sporting goods company, not a no-pants day.

  • CHiver

    #34 I like 'em! A lot! You're hot!

  • mr_z

    #25 #26 wow google 🙂

  • JDB

    I think #34 may be smuggling something in there too… yo-yo's anyone?

  • Urban

    #34 Love them. Sexy. Chive should do a sexy piercing gallery of just women.

  • Emilio Rodriguez

    #34 What piercings?? 😛 #42 as we say in mexico "nalgame Dios!"

  • bbbutter


  • Ricky Nunez

    #21 #42 So WIN! MOAR prz!

  • Legz

    #44 made me laugh 🙂

  • Chris

    Anyone else get #11, its a Patton Oswald reference. Funny as hell. Highly recommend listening to his comedy albums.

    • Anonymous

      You won't wear a shit, and you'll cry!

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