Daily Afternoon Randomness (47 Photos)

  • Giggity

    #21 must be found over all else!!!

  • mtpuckhead

    #26 Thank You!

  • mike
    • Holy Jones

      Wow. You must have done some serious detective work right there.

  • tdr

    #34 Sick … but not in a hip, 21st century way … just sick

  • clickhere


    Y U NO start meme?

  • Sk3tchy

    #34 crackin body, piercings = no good

  • JON

    34 is disgusting!!! Those piercings are worse than a belly button ring. Way worse. BARF>!

  • Unimpressed

    #34 they are pointless. You'd look better without them.

  • Sweet!

    #11 I love the Patton Oswalt reference!

  • Raptor5150

    #21 Pleeeeeeeeease! I want more!

  • chong

    #20 forever… and ever…. and ever….

  • chong

    #27 i believe that is olivia wilde… such a nice ass
    #32 sofia is drop dead hot for her age can easily be hotter than most 20s

    • chong

      my bad its #31

      • Ken

        Your caption was funny as hell for #32

        The young lady will have to refine her technique eventually.

  • Steve Perry

    #34 – If you are trying to distract from the hotness of that tummy you got there then mission accomplished. Aside from that….. would fail be too harsh to say?

  • chong

    #26 thank you, kind sir

  • art

    #34 is amazing. Absolutly love those piercings like it much better than belly button

  • shamshe

    #21 PLEASE!

  • PaeMaiBuddha

    '…..Fucking Valentines Day!' #36

  • mrjimmyos

    #39 is awesome

  • skippy

    An actual spy that looks like that and hasn’t been a bond girl. That’s the real crime.

  • ted stevens

    Yeah wowweee Banksy taking on the mortgage crisis how brave, how about he goes international and points out the suffering and inequity of life in Russia, China, or Iran…oh yeah because he likes living and wants to continue doing so that's why.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.hockett Paul Roberto Hockett

    #10 #34 #42 =awesome

  • Someone


    Ruin your body all you like, there are plenty of girls without b.b. gun fetishes in the world……

  • P-diddy

    #8 unacceptable to look at face instead of boobs
    #10 perfectly acceptable to look at face instead of boobs, though boobs must still be checked up on at least every now and then

  • Steve

    #9 DEAL!

  • brutis

    #26 and a little nipple too

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