FAIL may be played out, but never gets old (22 photos)

  • Blargh_Matey

    Personally, I think #14 is a big WIN.

  • Naz1962

    #4 Wow, the guy taking the picture actually IS in a wheelchair!

  • eyeguy

    #22 Is that Nancy Kerrigan next to her??

    • Skifreak

      I asked the same thing in an earlier post. It's gotta be her.

  • BigDingo

    The kid wins in #10

  • Mr_Rob

    #6 "Penis Magazine: Is your child ready to?" Fuck no!

  • Will

    #16 is why I have no problem eating beef

    • naigoto

      #16 is why I have problem eating beef

  • bill

    #18 makes me want to play GTA

  • ben

    #22 face bleach win!

  • Naz1962

    STFU you idiot. The 'wow' is for the irony that is evident in the photo of a handicapped entrance that is clearly not accessible to a handicapped person, and then having the picture actually taken by someone in a wheelchair. Someone get naigoto a goddamned helmet before he hurts himself!

    • naigoto

      I guess you didn't get that sarcasm, don't worry about that, it happens to old people. But thank you for your concers about my health, I really appreciate it

      • Done

        I bet naigoto is a little pussy in every day life.

  • Brother Maynard

    #14 is a win.

  • Yeahbeer

    #18 Call triple A!

    • Done

      Or they could call AAA, maybe even get an answer!

  • Bob

    #22 can't be real. It just can't be.

  • Tony

    #5 Had me lol-ing for 5 minutes for some reason

  • Lojikal Artist

    #22 sooo she wants to be black…. but not really… She left her face unblackened so she could still drive without getting pulled over

  • Mr. Awesome

    #3 is quite a win actually

  • Terry Burke

    #8 maybe a love fail but it's a man win for damn sure

  • Andre


    Future NBA Hall of Famer.

  • bittor

    #21 is actually a WIN. It was an advertising campaign for dog food, and the whole poster was scented to attract dogs…

  • kokokoko

    Lucky Kid. Damn i wanted to be there!!

  • BobSugar

    #6 is the best, that editor needs to be fired… This whole list needs to be shopped, starting with #1.

    • xLSDx

      #6 is already shopped moron

  • Karen Clark

    PEOPLE. #22 She has BODYBUILDING tint on her. ALL BODYBUILDERS do this. (But it is still a ridiculous FAIL!) hahaha

  • Tanned Teddy

    With that burnt skin, this looks like a job for HOVER HANDS !

  • tom



  • eclipze

    #10 .. "Fail" Fail .. he's awesome.

  • RiderPrider

    #13 Henry Burris has no friends HOMO, HOMO! Henry Burris has no friends cuz hes fucking gay!

    • The Duder


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