Farmer makes his son a homemade roller coaster. WTF not? (24 Photos)

  • roberto

    Dear Chive. Quite messing wit my mind. It's YTF not, not WTF not.

    • sigh

      No you stupid immigrant. "why" starts with W. And it's Quit not quite. Before you call somebody out on engrish, learn it mother fucker.

      • sexualniner


      • roberto

        To someone named after a respiratory action, obviously this is your real name just as mine is roberto. Y U NO see other examples all over internet? Just as the word "you" starts with "y", yet is abbreviated U, the word "why" starts with "w", but is abbreviated with Y. Reference countless memes, urbandictionary, and the texting of a million insipid teenage girls.

        When you see WTF, do you immediately think "what the fuck" or "why the fuck"?

        If you want to spek abowt engrish, the proper grammatical analysis of your sentence should be "No, you stupid immigrant. "Why" starts with "w". And it's quit, not quite. before you call somebody out on engrish, learn it, mother fucker." How proud it makes me to think just because I used a pseudonym and misspelled one word, I must be a foreigner.

        Before you–who has never mistyped anything in his (or her? can't tell by your name, sigh) whole life–gets all haughty and self-righteous, learn to overlook what is said and instead look at what is meant. That's what your liberal courts have done to our literal Constitution and countless interpretations of the law.

        I'm American, too, by the way, and have probably been one longer than your young ass. I won't resort to name-calling, but if that's the most intelligent and best rebuttal you can do, no wonder our nation is going down the tubes.

  • Finster

    #24 is that consider negligence?


    It's like field of dreams but for roller coasters. Do you think he heard voices?

  • !!!!

    That's pretty fucking cool.

  • Tomas

    I want to see the video of this thing! LOL

  • Someone

    Makes his "son" a roller coaster.


    It just so happens to only fit him and his buddies, and his son would get thrown about 30 feet if he took any one of those corners in that "very adult" size seat.

    Built it for his son my ass……….

  • Pooper

    Mad dad was slacking.

  • IndyDan

    This is located just south of Emison, IN…

  • V4Vendetta14

    That thing has broken neck written all over it…

  • Farkin Guy

    All my dad ever gave me was an ulcer.

  • ManilaShorts

    clearly he made it for himself!

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  • Yeahbeer

    This whole thing looks sketchy!

  • chiz niz

    #24 dad should go to jail for child endangerment!

  • @peewee1002

    This one the one?

  • Randy Fisher

    A video of a news segment on the roller coaster

  • dizzle

    #15 i see a face plant in his future…

  • Indy Engine 14

    When you go through the loop you have to yell "Kick ass, Git Er Done".

  • Hope

    Well this shit's old…

  • oneliners


  • Chris Poole

    natural selection at it's finest.

  • John

    Here is the video of him taking it for a spin.

  • Pepe Silvia

    I just drove past it the other day heading back to Evansville from ISU. It's pretty sweet

  • Ralph

    I drove by that today at work. One of these days I'm going to stop and ask if I can ride.

  • sexualniner

    is this before or after child services took the kid awayk?

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