Found: Sexy tattoo girl (10 Photos)

One of our awesome French Chivers recognized this girl. She's a model in France named Lady Diamond. Her real name is Fanny Maurer.

  • daniel

    man, she looked hot in the 'find her' photo but she's legit fucking hot. #9

    • George


      if they had google her more I could had replied all day

    • judylovebi

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    • Doogie Howser MD

      Thank you Captain Obvious…

    • Biggus Diccus

      Tats aren't my thing but I can see past them on this girl

  • thomas d.


    • Yates

      Sleeve tats. No thanks.

      • Cameron EzraPounder James

        Yeah! Why have decoration? Decorations are stupid!

    • GK-4

      if i lick em, will the snozberries taste like snozberries?
      well i'll em anyway

    • hMMMM

      Gap only exists when the feet are touching…there's potential here, but we can't know for sure.

  • Random

    #10 – nothing like a sexy tattoo'd girl – hot

  • gorthaug

    #4 #10 left me speechless

  • Nathan

    #4 is amazing

  • Ty Paige

    #4 I love tattoo chicks


      You can see the Camera on her forearm and the Star on her chest in just about every pic. Not to mention Her face looks the same in every pic.

  • fark


  • Blizzard

    Very Sexy but someone want to explain to me why the first picture has her right arm is covered in tattoos but the rest of the pictures has her left arm covered in tattoos? Is that a tattoo sleeve?

    • link

      she took the first picture herself in a mirror . . .

      • seb

        mirror or not mirror the tatooes don't look alike

    • Luke

      thats what im thinkin, Cant be her

      • Paul

        No shit the tattoos don't look alike. Me being someone who is into getting tattoos and also someone with common knowledge, I know that people add on to their tattoos all the time and from the looks of her I think she just might be pretty big on getting tattoos, therefore you see a change of the appearance of her tattoos. unless all these pictures were taken at the same time (highly unlikely) this most definitely is the same girl.

        Also who the fuck cares she is fucking hot…

        • Zac

          Paul is right, Instead of just looking at which arm has the sleeve, look at the tattoo itself and you will see she added on to her forearm but the upper arm is the same thing.

    • matthew

      Probably just simply a mirrored image…

    • Jeremy

      Ever seen Young Frankenstein?

      • HANK

        I have now

    • Henry

      Even if it is a mirrored image the tats don't jive.

      • Your Teacher


    • nemesis

      Sometimes photographers flip photos. Sometimes they're taken in mirrors. Tattoos and tattoo coverage evolve over time. The common feature is the rose by the elbow. I think they're the same.

      • Marvin the Martian

        Chest Tattoo looks wrong (what you can see in the first photo compaired to the rest) #1 and #4

        • Love2LiveLife

          they are the exact same tattoos…stop over analyzing. you can see the evolution of her tattoos throughout all the pictures…the first picture is a image flip but the tattoos are the exact same

          • TxMoe

            what is all this shit about image flipping? A right arm is still a right arm and a left is still a left. it doest matter if the image is flipped.

            • Paul

              Go look in a mirror. there's your answer

        • kdtc

          Because you know, people don't go and get new tattoo's all the fucking time?


        • napamamascribe

          what you can see on her chest in #1 is covered by her shirt in #4. other than that her arms match up.

    • Kennydmac

      Not to mention they could have been taken at different times of her life. Myabe she had work done to the tattoos. Stuff covered or more stuff added. That is very possible…..

  • Quixote

    She is smoking hot, but I'm still not a huge fan of the nose ring. Other than that, I'll tip my hat to her.

    • unnecessary

      Agreed. The nose ring and the two small studs in either nostril in picture 2 knocks her down from a 10 to a 9.5. But hey.. to each their own. Fuck up your body however you want to 'cause it's yours!

    • Conor

      She makes the bull ring work

    • bob

      i agree that is first thing i noticed, i think its different chicks…

    • HANK

      With that pig-nose she has the last thing she needs is something to draw more attention to it

  • HeavyD

    #2 Lady Diamond, my precious, i'm mesmerized by such beauty ❤

    • Greg

      I'm having a hard time believing that picture is her.

  • Helocopter46

    I surrender! I surrender! 😉

  • Vince Weaver

    To tell you the truth, she looks sexier with her clothes on…

    • bibby

      you are high sir

  • bathoris

    lose the nose ring and she'd be a 10

  • RangerW

    I must submit, tattoos and piercings, totally heaven. Cant understand why no one ever likes the nose rings though, sooo hot!

    • unnecessary

      Personally, the nose ring reminds me of a cow.



  • Username Taken

    Not impressed. I think its the bull ring in her nose.

    #8 has a major derp hooker thing going on. Just not feeling this one. NEXT!!!!

    • Taylor

      I was wondering if someone else felt the same way, This chick would be way hotter without the extra tats and nose ring… good body though and pretty hot face…

    • George

      you gentlemen are gay and a fag… in that order

      • Jen

        i like that she looks different from every other chick out there. she is different and sexy and OWNS it.

    • Logic76

      Just another attention whore trying too hard–sometimes it's a WIN to stay natural and not get Ed Hardy-ized. Also, that snot ring totally fucking ruins hot chicks

  • bisketz

    Sexy Tattoo Girl is Sexy

  • bob


    • john

      shes hot but not as hot as almost any chivette

  • HankT

    #10….THANK YOU Chive…

  • gok attack

    I want to give her a new tattoo….made with my special sauce

  • D.C

    Wow, she's actually pulling off the centered nose ring pretty nicely. I didn't think anyone could do that

  • b_ryan

    #2 and #5 super hot, the rest, mehhh

  • Anon

    Her sleeve changes arms

  • Eazy E

    #10 Just took grandma to Applebees…..

  • simmel

    #4 I think, we on the Chive found out, that the "Gap" is an previously undiscovered secondary sexual characteristic. We are AWESOME!!

    • Fred Garvin

      Yea, its called log split.

  • Jeremy

    I think the original find her pic was the best. Great body though.

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