• Chris M

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    • Kyle Retrato


    • feed the monkey

      burn in hell bastard

      • Chris M

        I'm lovin the hate.

        • Chris M est Fag

          cos you are a douche! apparently they are the ones that like the hate.

  • Stafferty

    HIPSTER-EMO Hybrid

    When Razors Are Too Mainstream:
    Use Swords

    • No name

      Its comments like this that make me wish i could like twice. Thank you.

      • Name

        You must have some low fucking standards for humor, lucky man!

  • Anon

    Forced Meme is forced…

    • Anon

      I love TheChive, but John, this site is starting to feel like ebaums…
      I see uwantulose all over /b/ and can't help but think it's y'all lurking for OC

      Maybe start making some more art threads, or photobombs, instead of catering to 12yearolds who want to see PG-13 boobs and Memes that are old as the internet.

      As for this guys…
      1) add scumbag steve hat
      2) asks to take sword from stone
      3) ??????
      4) profit

      your formula has been proven

      • BobSugar

        Thumbs up to the Scumbag Steve collaboration, it was the first thing I thought of… However thumbs down to the prior comment. Ebaums gives your harddrive std's.

    • nemesis

      Where do you think net memes come from? Someone somewhere has to make the first one and then someone else (or what is more probably true, the same person) has to keep reusing it. If it's funny or has a ring of truth, it replicates.

      All this is doing is using the collective wit (however dubious) of this comments thread to be that original person.

      • Justin Hall

        Meh, I somewhat agree with the original poster. Internet memes need to be a lot more spontaneous, and the best ones are usually from photos that were so absurd or controversial that they invited satire, like "Consequences will never be the same" Dad and Scumbag Steve. Those are fucking PRICELESS.

      • Anon

        Her hair is dildos, your argument is invalid

        THIS is how you make a meme…

  • Cal

    I am loved.
    But all I feel is hate.

  • da voice

    Napoleon…dont be jealous that ive been chattin online with babes all day

  • lionking

    Nobody understands,
    I just don't want to be king.

  • Lil Jon

    Scarf? Please
    It's an ascot bitch

    • rick

      wuts an ascot?

      • Goof

        It's the center, at Disney Land.

  • Danny P

    The life of a prince….
    All I really want to be is a queen.

  • Rightclicksaveas

    I'll Get that Bitch a Kingdom …Bitches love Kingdoms

    • ashleyging


      • mase

        no, YOU are the winner

    • Heh


  • Loccus

    These are horrible so far…just sayin.

  • alexdemexico

    that guy looks a lot like Keanu Reeves on Bill & Ted movies… i think it would be a good meme

  • Nicnac

    Hello. My name is Doug. I am pleased to… squirrel!

  • Spawn of Achilles

    I'll show them, I'll become


  • August K Ahuna Jr

    you probably never heard of my kingdom…

  • mattythegooch

    Wyld Stallyns!!!!

    (this is 100% rat ass)

  • Justin Hall

    Although I agree with the "forced meme" comments, I'll add my two cents:

    "You've never heard of Excalibur? That's probably because it's so in the ground."
    "Do you have a smaller sword? I can't cut myself with this."

  • eddy

    He is


  • llama beans

    Why dost thou not get me?

  • Ned Shidoinks

    When this senior picture is done I am totally going on tour with my Minstrels….

  • dahodge

    At least the Plague is Black

  • mark

    scumbag steve is better

  • Sizzle

    Not that I can think of anything better, but these are awful so far. Just sayin'.

  • WoW

    This is what a lvl85 WoW player looks like in real life.

    • Jay

      Now that's just rude!

      .. no.. wait you're right.

      • WoW

        Oh yeah, that wasn't an attempt at a joke.

    • Sarah

      Runs upstairs & looks at herself in the mirror hoping to god thats not the case…….
      Declines to comment further….

  • Hoooo

    I see your comment about my mom and raise you this broadsword.

  • Whaaaat?

    LADIES. I'm available.

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