• Adam Puma Borsay

    Criticism #1: You all are trying to hard to make your comments relate to the fact that he has a sword. Scumbag Steve memes aren't funny becuase we make fun of his hat, it's funny because we take the idea of what kind of person he is and think of what those types of people say.

    Criticism #2: You are not funny.

  • Pete Ribaudo

    I hate my mom..
    because we have the same haircut…

  • Chad

    The round table?
    Psht . . . so corporate and totalitarian.

  • Sean

    that's not a sword, This is a sword!!!!!

  • EcceNemo

    Forcing a meme is a terrible thing.

  • Verbal

    She used to be called The Lady of the Field…

    Until I drowned her with all my tears.

  • Sean

    Napoleon Dynamite: You wanna play me?

  • Sean

    Napoleon Dynamite: Really? It took me like three hours to finish the shading on your upper lip.

  • Sean

    Napoleon Dynamite: That one's good. It looks like a medieval warrior.

  • wango

    Borrows sword…. returns tarnished.

  • Kat

    Reminds me of Christopher Mintz-Plasse in KickAss. So I humbly submit:

    "That's everything I need. And you may have to screw someone over. Like Louie…"
    "Or somebody, it doesn't have to be Louie."


    "A world full of superheroes, eh?"
    "As a great man once said… wait 'til they get a load of me."

  • Kat

    "Gonna slay that bitch a dragon."
    "Bitches love dragons."

  • JMartin

    This derp sure is heavy.

  • Jarrof

    Get portait taken

    Fake Indifference to
    piss off mom and dad

  • ely whitley

    I thought we agreed
    we'd do level six next

    I thought we agreed
    not to talk about my mom's ass during role play

    I thought we agreed
    no girls- who's she?

    you get the idea….

  • Zach

    Sticks and Stones? I have a Sword. Words….

    Those hurt

  • Rightclicksaveas

    Chive didn't update….FAP to Sears Catalog

  • Andre

    Perms is where the heart is.

  • Bill

    DUH! Gotta try out for the team,Gotta get on the team, Bitches love guys on a team

  • derp


  • Ken

    Sees double rainbow.

    Doesn't care.

  • kraemerson88

    like my life…

    this sword is too heavy to bare…

    i feel like tacos.

  • vicrom252

    Excuse me
    i gotta save the internet

  • eclipze


    call me bieber.

  • babs087

    i totally heard of this minstrel before he went mainstream.
    can't name favorite song.

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