Paper origami: Straight cash homie (30 Photos)

This amazing artwork by Won Park and more can be seen at

  • Wolfram

    These are amazing!

    #10 "Come at me bro!"

    • alister

      way to win!!! hahaha stink about the other two guys below you..

  • Big E

    #10 come at me bro

  • obvi

    #10 come at me bro

  • jesserdbrownsfield

  • Kyle Retrato

    This guy has way too much time on his hands…

    • Mizzat

      It's an art, just like painting. So Picasso had too much time on his hands?

  • aznprincess

    Love #25…

  • acid


  • WTFever

    More cash in this post than in my wallet

  • equalizermax

    I bet his still a virgin & lives in his Mom's basement

    • Joe

      You're just jealous…

  • figurefour

    The american dollar in the mind of an asian paper folder: #27

  • Yeahbeer

    thats awesome!

  • Diana Santos

    all these would be even more beautiful on my wallet B)

    • Dexsquab Molutinator


  • Wolfram

    Hahaha 3 "come at me bro" in a row! Glad I got it up first or I'd look like a real loser.

  • surfer21




  • John Smith

    "The detail is STUNNING!"

  • boki019

    2 good 2 be true….

  • Trent

    #17 is cool, they border swirls make the eyes!

  • Jivemaskter

    I need a life size one of those!

  • northerner

    Sadly, the Origami dollar figures are worth more than the original dollar they were made from. Thanks to our incompetent Congress and President. Oops. Did I just say that?

  • Lisa

    Okay. Now if this guy has this much talent in his hands to do this to paper…imagine what he could do with his whole body…and not to paper. Oh my. Fold on little homey dude…fold on.

    #13, #16, #17, #24 & #29 are awesome.

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