Photo of the Day: Bob was a Marine from Mississippi (1 Photo and his story)

“Bob was born January 28, 1927, in Gulfport, MS, and attended Gulfport High until his enlistment in the U. S. Marine Corps in 1942. He served with distinction with both the 3rd Marine and 1st Marine divisions. After the war, Mr. Dyer returned to Gulfport, graduated from high school, and enrolled at Mississippi State University where he earned his B.S. in Finance and Business.

In 1949 Bob married Mary Elizabeth Rippy, and remained married until Mary’s death in 1977. Bob re-entered the Marine Corps in 1949 and the two moved around the country while raising three children.

For his military service, Bob was awarded the Navy Cross, the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, and the Distinguished Service Medal. He served in the Pacific, Korea, the Cuban Missle Crisis, and Vietnam.”
Thank you Jacalina for sharing the story of your Grandy, Robert William Dyer Sr.

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  • Quatchi


  • Jackie

    WOW! Thank you so much for honoring my Grandy! Oorah to all the Marines out there!

  • RichK

    Why a Marine? The photo shows troops from the 35th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division, U.S. Army. Did Bob become a Marine later in life?

    • Jackie

      I don't know what he is doing there with the Army, but he was in the USMC until he retired… I do know they are not in America in this picture though, so who knows? Definitely a Marine though lol, I got woken up bright and early every time I ever spent the night at my grandparents' house by the Marine song…

  • Alex

    Representing Gulfport, MS, nice!

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