• detailz

    Get off of me. What part of I'm gay don't you understand.

  • Alex

    I hope President Bush is watching!

  • Jamal

    give me a kiss 'cause her vagina stinks…

  • Jamie Waterman

    Kama Sutra Position # 87 : "The Trebuchet"

  • mkoro

    if only there was a way to turn around while they stayed still….

  • JustMe

    Sex Panther: works 60% of the time, all the time.

  • james

    a male cheerleader!

  • Rob

    Head and Shoulders, Knees and OOOOOHHHHHH!

  • Devon

    Failing to free himself from the synchronized swimming team, Chad tried his best to go about daily life.

  • Dylan

    Sign me up for the cheer team

  • brendan

    uhh….what number is this?

  • Drew

    Scissor Me Timber!

  • Diego

    this is not how i tought it would be

  • Paul

    Kadaffi's body gaurds in action

  • Hal

    now if I can shake this bitch off..then spin aroung real fast….i will make your hair stand strait up..

  • Dylan

    Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Hoes

  • Upchurch

    Unfortunately for John, his friends informed him later that this didn't count as a threesome.

  • mtpuckhead

    I like cheering with you so much more than Jenny……she's right behind me isn't she?

  • RusstheDJ

    Steve really hated being in the friends zone

  • Chocolatebear

    My life…WIN

  • berto

    “This isn’t what Coach showed me a ’69’ was, girls…”

  • bigwillystylz


  • Mike Litorus

    this is the guy we all made fun of in high school….dammit he had the right idea

  • jeff

    Do two chicks at once…? Hell, I threw two chicks at once

  • Neely

    This isn't working. Let me try turning around… Ah, MUCH better!

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