• JT Fryer

    Well there's your prob….

    Oh wait, never mind, there's nothing wrong here.

  • jolietjonathon

    If I was playing football that day, this routine would totally make me start winning.

  • Brett

    Mark wasn't about to let Shela go down on his girlfriend again, even if she was the last daughter of Krypton.

  • Nicnac

    Guy: This sounded so much better when they presented the idea…

  • Helder

    And on that day Terry lost his virginity…to a football player in the locker room

  • Goochie

    Eiffel Tower: You're doing it wrong…

  • Toto

    Never screw with collegue cheerleaders

  • Daniel L

    “Male Cheerleaders…

    Getting awkward guys laid since 1898.” had to look that one up.

    “Male Cheerleaders….

    Getting awkward guys into threesomes since 1898.”

  • fatlizard99

    Business in the front… Party in the back.


    Early prototype for the "lighter than airhead helicopter"

  • fatlizard99

    And then the baby came out like this…

  • Mark

    GLEE aint got shit on me !

  • Remmy

    I whip my girls back and forth

  • sceneitB4

    Trying to spell the team name in Chinese was a bad idea…

  • bruce

    blonde teeter totter of fun

  • Steve

    Give me a "T"!

  • Morris

    Thunder…Thunder…Thunder Cats!… Damn it, it's not working!

  • Grodon

    Not what I meant when I said I want your thighs on my ears and to bring your friend along for the ride…

  • ely whitley

    it's only fair, they tossed me yesterday!

  • Dan Sharon

    Best Job Ever…

  • todd

    I pictured this threesome going much differently….

  • Sofakingawesome

    Attention passengers: this helicopter is going down due to excessive blood flow in the captain's cockpit.

  • injekter

    aaaaah, the lesbian cheerleader cock block…..well done

  • A&W's Devil

    I'm not quite sure what to do with my hands here…

  • whatsmyhouse

    Dude, I am about to break these two apart like a slutsicle

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