• Justin

    Both of you, GTFO!

  • RON

    Said my bitches don't dance we just pull up our pants
    And do the roethlisberger, now lean back

  • SenatorGiggity

    Hey! I was at this game. Reeeeealy don't remember this part.

  • Stiles

    Contrary to what Bob has always heard, balancing two dates at once was really not that difficult.

  • @RawDogThatShit

    and if they dont walk like a penguin after this…

  • llama beans

    Seeing that it is a male cheerleader, he's probably thinking:
    "Ewww! Cooties!"

  • mailbox47

    It doesn't count as cheating if they counterbalance each other.

  • mailbox47

    I don't wear scarves often, but when I do . . . I prefer women.

  • PWInc

    Meanwhile, in tossin' bitches 101

  • mailbox47

    Threesomes: you're doing it wr… awesome

  • mailbox47

    Wait until you see how he uses the horns.

  • sirrix

    Virginity: No matter how hard you pull, you're not getting it back.

  • nixt3r

    Male Cheerleaders 1, Polygamists 0

  • batman

    ok ladies, game is over.

  • Robert

    Never cheat on twins.

  • dean

    cheerleader ninjas, they will come from all directions

  • Maui B

    Well, there's your problem…

  • Maui B

    So…this is what you meant by "Whirley Gig"?

  • hellochrisss

    I'll Swing these bitches, bitches love swinging!

  • Robbyrut

    Eiffel tower…You're doing it wrong

  • vaporware4u

    The Cheerleader man go Round and Round.
    Round and R-DAMN!She hit the Ground.
    The Cheerleader man go Round and Round,
    and Knock-Your Ass Down!

  • Mig

    Jake's suggestion for handicapping competitive cheerleading was met with mild skepticism after this demonstration.

  • Majestico

    Joe finally had the appropriate audience to try his most daring move: The Whorelicopter.

  • Erik von Markovik

    Come at me bro

  • Corey C

    Scumbag Steve says he will pull out…….DOES NOT PULL OUT!!!

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