Girls with Zelda tattoos = Triforce victory (22 Photos)

These photos and many more at buzzfeed.

  • Seldi84

    #1 #11
    Why can i never find girls this cool in my home town.

  • GrandSpear

    Wow a couple of those tattoos suck

  • NoZ

    I personally like #7

  • Jessica Condrey

    Game Tats? I dont think thats a good idea :/ meh

  • Jac

    #9 and #11

    Wonder if they would be interested in a "Tri-force"

  • annoyingshampoo

    #1 yeah ?

  • Adam

    #10 must be FOUND!!!!!!

  • Hal

    # 14…..I have a tattoo like that on my dick……only bigger

  • Raptor5150

    #10 – Find her! Now! Pleeeease.

  • bkfrijoles

    #18 is the cutest

  • NathanP
    #16 FAIL: Hearts empty right to left.

  • imjuliooo89

    Hey, whatever floats your boat. I ain't gonna hate, because I'm probably gonna eventually get a MGS Tattoo and a sports tatt (49ers). So yea. Your body is your temple. You can keep it clean or you can tag it up. Just some of those look like its a tad bit too much.

  • Lucas

    Daaaaaaamn they’re sooo cool! I’m a huge Zelda fan, and I loved it!

  • Brian Freedman

    #10 That's kinda hot.
    #16 Aww, cute =)
    #21 In constant pursuit of The Triforce. I wonder why…

  • bmoneey

    this post made me hum the Zelda theme song while I checked it out. NICE!

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