Hump Day: Can’t see the lines, can you Russ. (32 photos)

  • mtella88

    I think im official a hump-man and not a boob-man anymore!

  • rick

    #18 = Gina Cerano

    Don't fucking comment unless you have a name. No one gives a shit who you like. And those of you who just say "Wow" or "I love hump day", just kill yourself if that's all you've got to say.

    • rick

      I completely agree. Well said.

      • rick

        And I don't fucking need to see everyone repost the same goddamn pictures I just looked at. Yeah, no shit a-holes I saw it too, only bigger and better quality than the stupid fuckin thumbnail you just reposted. Hey guess what MuffDiver69 or 12yrold2020, I don't need to see a repeat of the same fucking pictures unless you have a name that I can google and turn safe search off. That should be the only point of the comment section. Oh and number 8 is the best, JIZZZZZ in my pants!!!!!!!!!

        • james

          Thats not Gina you a$$hat…

          • rick

            Sweet thanks for the compliment. I love money hats. You a money hat too pal.

  • ClariseStarling

    #27 and #29 make me crave PB&J

  • HuggyBear

    $1.50 for all 3 with $2.00 rebate ! #5

  • Rick

    #18 I would leave my wife in a heartbeat for this woman…:p

  • Marco Allende

    #18 and #22 saved you from a busted hump day. wtf is #1 !?! seriously….

  • benslocs

    Marry me? #2

  • djcreation

    i dont want to do anal but these surtenly give me doubt

  • buuillis

    #25 #29 yup

  • Tush

    some of those are from thanks for the credit (not).

    • Lauren Gentile

      …Maybe the girls submitted to your site AND this site (it is their butt, after-all). Definitely a possibility.

  • Tush

    original full size version of hump 26:

  • jackskeleton11

    #3 , #6 , #14 , #30

  • Chivemaster

    Chive, this is the best hump day post ever! #2 is quite possibly the best thing to ever appear on this site.

  • urdad

    FIND HER.!!

  • ___

    who's russ?

  • uhhuhthatsright

    i think i may say this every week but Wednesday is my favorite day of the week

  • G55


  • Northman

    #6, #11 and #13 please, thank you!

  • Hal

    HEY….#2….that girl is eating my lunch…oh the hell with it…i'll eat something else…let's see..HUM.
    UH OH all of a sudden I am getting a real big appetite..yeah…REAL BIG..I am HUNGRY..fuck it….Gimme ALL…that…..just sayin…

  • yay


  • Pauly D

    #27 and #30

  • bkfrijoles

    #29 is the best ass of the day

  • Johnny B

    Moar #9

  • theMorgue77

    It must be jelly, cuz jam don't wiggle like that!

  • toastymoe

    #12 – COWABUNGA!

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