Hot Right Now: This angry mom texted the wrong number then refused to believe it wasn’t her son (13 photos)

Meet Emo Arthur (20 Photos)

Thanks to everybody who sent in their photos. Enjoy...

  • EcceNemo

    This was painful to read.

  • @RawDogThatShit

    #20, i just watched the youtube video of gimli destroying the ring and then just reading this one just made me lol in the public library

  • superman

    #2 and #4 made me LOL – thanks 😀

  • nothingtoseehere

    #11 made me laugh

    and am I the only one that instinctively read #15 in a Sean Connery accent?

  • EZEE


    That is a scumbag steve comment.

    Concept not good…let this one die.

  • SuckIt

    LAME What happened to all the originality that used to happen on this website???? Same jokes, different picture. Stop stealing other peoples punchlines. LAME

  • KalEl24

    posting claim to #14 …mine.

  • guyinfrontofyou

    Yeah I don't dig it. Still love you though Chive.

  • annoyingshampoo

    It's going to take more than that Chive…

  • pfulmtl

    boring, please end this one.

  • leaks

    Wow, not a single one of these is even slightly funny. Recycled jokes are recycled.

  • urdad

    LAME ,Wake up chive.!

  • Luis

    Y U NO WIZARD?!!! Hhahah would be a fun one imo.

  • MacnCheese

    #5 Hell yeah! My first chive submission that I see made the cut! I have lived!

    • A black man

      Your submission was a borrowed quote from a movie, a borrowed quote that doesn't even fit the forced emo meme.

  • Bamrocket

    This is fucking horrible. First of all you're forcing a meme. Secondly there is no THEME! Thats the whole fucking point of these caption images. Is he emo? A hipster? A nerd? make up your damn mind…

  • Anonymous

    kinda weak

  • pokeman134

    #15 may not be emo arthur but awesome nonetheless

  • DaveC

    "Takes bong….drinks bong water"…Clooney is proud.

  • KevvF

    I'm laying claim too #8. My first post in The Chive. Pity this meme sucks ass, apparently.

  • lmao

    you can't create a meme like that.

  • mike b

    #4 is so good. me and my friends constantly use that line when we make fun of elitist emo kids.

  • Jeff

    who cares if there forced or if it doesnt qualify as a meme? they are hilarious! well done chive!

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