Meet Emo Arthur (20 Photos)

Thanks to everybody who sent in their photos. Enjoy...

  • EcceNemo

    This was painful to read.

  • @RawDogThatShit

    #20, i just watched the youtube video of gimli destroying the ring and then just reading this one just made me lol in the public library

  • superman

    #2 and #4 made me LOL – thanks 😀

  • nothingtoseehere

    #11 made me laugh

    and am I the only one that instinctively read #15 in a Sean Connery accent?

  • EZEE


    That is a scumbag steve comment.

    Concept not good…let this one die.

  • SuckIt

    LAME What happened to all the originality that used to happen on this website???? Same jokes, different picture. Stop stealing other peoples punchlines. LAME

  • KalEl24

    posting claim to #14 …mine.

  • guyinfrontofyou

    Yeah I don't dig it. Still love you though Chive.

  • annoyingshampoo

    It's going to take more than that Chive…

  • pfulmtl

    boring, please end this one.

  • leaks

    Wow, not a single one of these is even slightly funny. Recycled jokes are recycled.

  • urdad

    LAME ,Wake up chive.!

  • Luis

    Y U NO WIZARD?!!! Hhahah would be a fun one imo.

  • MacnCheese

    #5 Hell yeah! My first chive submission that I see made the cut! I have lived!

    • A black man

      Your submission was a borrowed quote from a movie, a borrowed quote that doesn't even fit the forced emo meme.

  • Bamrocket

    This is fucking horrible. First of all you're forcing a meme. Secondly there is no THEME! Thats the whole fucking point of these caption images. Is he emo? A hipster? A nerd? make up your damn mind…

  • Anonymous

    kinda weak

  • pokeman134

    #15 may not be emo arthur but awesome nonetheless

  • DaveC

    "Takes bong….drinks bong water"…Clooney is proud.

  • KevvF

    I'm laying claim too #8. My first post in The Chive. Pity this meme sucks ass, apparently.

  • lmao

    you can't create a meme like that.

  • mike b

    #4 is so good. me and my friends constantly use that line when we make fun of elitist emo kids.

  • Jeff

    who cares if there forced or if it doesnt qualify as a meme? they are hilarious! well done chive!

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