Star Wars Girl: The Saga Continues… (9 HQ Photos)

  • yoda

    the force is strong with this one

    • yoda

      p.s. #2 and #3 … looks like she reallllllly likes it

      • mememe

        damn you yoda, always reading my thoughts

      • Sharky

        No way she's single
        her boyfriend's taunting us with these shots.

        • Walt

          That lucky camera man

    • Steve Lee

      I sense a disturbance… in my pants.

    • Redd

      And she has a belly button ring – I thought we decided these needed to go.

  • Jak

    I hope she doesn't kiss her brother!

  • bobo

    im feeling a strange force in me

    • Falco

      The force is telling me she might be a butter face.

  • fappin

    Make you wanna slap yo' mamma

    • obvi


  • franky

    where is that hand exactly? #3

    • facebook


    • sandi

      yes, potentially flickin the bean while reading about jedi's #2, #3

      • Dunny_

        "Flickin the bean" huh? I may have to use that one.

    • sceneitB4

      Makin a run down the trench to the exhaust port.

      • livewire


    • JMartin

      It appears she's strumming the gynoharp.

    • John Smith

      My thoughts EXACTLY

    • northerner

      didn't think I was the only one wondering in pics #2 and #3 just what was her unseen right hand doing….?! LOL! My, my she's fine looking.

    • Qwain

      That hand is exactly where I would like MINE to be.

  • photopro

    WOW!!! She might be able to get me to watch the movies.

    • someguy

      I find your lack of faith disturbing

    • gorthaug

      dude , you should hand over your man card, you suck, original trilogy FTW

      • Dave Gal

        As long as you mean the original, original trilogy. Not the Greedo shoots first versions. Or the change the Vader/Emperor conversation so it contradicts the first half of the movie, including the opening crawl.

        • gorthaug

          of course I mean original , pre-lucas all I want is cash redo

      • McBeastie

        Hand over his man card? Fuck Star Wars. He's man enough to not give a shit about fuckin' Tatooine and shit, I give him props for that. They were great when I was young, but grown ass men gettin' all geeked out over droids is ridiculous.

        …Although if this chick asked me about Star Wars I'd be completely into Gamorean Guards and Degobah systems and shit…just sayin'

        • The Real D. Nozzle


        • Phondo

          *prepare to receive some lame-ass comment calling you a hipster, or telling you to go watch the cinematic equivalent of a justin bieber performance* (but for the record, i agree with you, i'm really sick of hearing about star wars)

          • Crack for Smack

            1. watch the original star wars trilogy

            2. repeat memorable phrases("i find your lack of ——-disturbing, those are the ——-you're looking for, may the ——-be with you, etc") ad nauseam for over 30 years.

            3. call anyone who doesn't like star wars a faggot, hipster, or a faggot-hipster, and tell them to go watch a michael bay movie(because it's known how much hipsters love michael bay, amirite?)

            4. ????

            5. PROFIT!!!

  • Billy O'Neill

    wow that extra….

  • pingpong


  • parker

    #4 look at those goddam legs

    • Dexsquab Molutinator

      That image… makes me wonder where the lightsabre has been…

    • Spork

      Dang it! I can only give one thumbs up!

    • BobSugar

      There's an area that keeps me from making it all the way to the legs…

    • Ricky Nunez

      She's asking to be invaded =)~

  • Chris

    the nsfw link got by IT at work YESSS

    • BaJezzus

      LOL. mine too

    • jimbojones

      Which would be considered the NSFW one? I mean, none are really appropriate for work, but none of them seem any more risque than the others.

  • Jason


  • krisb

    When her face is revealed, I hope we don't get disappointed.

    • melillzz

      Thats what paper bags are for.

  • Dirty Dingus

    Where's your other hand?

  • Love2LiveLife

    #8 best gap everrrrr

    • TIM

      Wait one minute. We know she did not write that on her back herself. We also know that is really good handwriting. Now is it to good to written by a man? Is her girlfriend taking these photos?

  • Nathan

    …must …see …face

  • Randy Marsh

    #2 is she masterbating, because I am

  • krisb

    And it looks like she likes to touch herself while reading. Which is fine.

  • themouthfromthesouth

    Holy S, This is my favorite post of all time…Please somehow make this a weekly occurance. I'll settle for monthly if I have to but nothing less.

  • EJK

    Does she have a horse face or something? Why is she always hiding?

    • parker

      she understands that they mystery is more important

      • Master

        More likely she is a kindergarten teacher in Wisconsin and likes her job…

  • aaa

    And that my friends is the holy grail of the internet

  • omg

    I think the chive is trolling us……

  • hossmank

    What's her hand doing in #2? Hmmmm.

  • WoogyMonster

    #4 She made my pocket lightsaber get bigger.

  • tmach81


  • Ben

    That is the nicest nerd ass I ever done seen!

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