Star Wars Girl: The Saga Continues… (9 HQ Photos)

  • Wolfram

    Wow… like what I see so far. Even the slightly droopy belly ring #6

  • Jeremy

    Liberty City map ftw.

  • Biggus Diccus

    She looks like she shaves her Chewbacca

  • teximport

    I wanna give her my Schwartz, then repeat.

  • That Guy

    Thumbs up if you are going to play star wars TOR

  • Jewbacca


  • handy

    chive, you just totally just made up for the levitating gallery

  • Mr_Rob

    #3 HOLY MOTHER OF GOODNESS!!! Is that a Liberty City subway map?

  • Skunny

    I Love you Star Wars Girl!

  • andy

    do people still want to complain about bellybutton piercings?

  • John

    I wonder if she goes both sides

  • Bryan

    Why must you tease us like that? But I didn't say stop. #4

  • sixdeadelves

    this post makes me happy 🙂

  • Yeahbeer


  • wren

    me to the darkside i am.

  • David Milinovic

    I demand she reveal herself… Well her face (wouldn't mind all of it though…)

  • Disturbed

    Seriously… who cares about this chick?!?

  • Boris

    We really need to see her face.

  • Berryman

    Why post so many pictures without your face? You can't even handle the fact that you're showing yourself half-naked… WEAK!

    I guys, 'I'm a f**ing tease but I don't want my mommy to find out'…

    Mouahahah, laughable seriously

    • Coolio69

      Either that OR she's ugly as hell

    • eyeguy

      Hey Berryman, do you spend all your time looking for shit to complain and whine about… try to enjoy life instad of complaining…..

    • Grifffy

      You fail the Gay Test.

  • Mike Perazzini

    proof belly button rings are awesome

  • DirtyArmySpecialist

    wheres the face….?

    might be the first person i have ever seen with a grand theft auto (liberty city) map on their wall…

  • BeccaB86

    Much better than the levitating Lucy Liu.

  • Anonymous

    what i shame she has a belly button

  • laelow

    I agree with Mike…No. 6 is the best!

  • Matt Nowak


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