Star Wars Girl: The Saga Continues… (9 HQ Photos)

  • Pauldo


  • Jedi


    I love her so much!

  • theone

    #8 very nice gap and all….#4 nice side gap too

  • tazemebro

    Am I the only one hoping she doesn't have a face like Darth Vader when he took his helmet off?

  • @narog84

    better than the prequels

  • Wilber


  • sceneitB4

    #2 Going for a "Han Solo"? In this case Greedo shot first and then spent the night apologizing because that never happened before!

    • Red Dog

      hahaha. good one

  • aosux

    I would be willing to watch episodes 1, 2 and 3 to get into her panties.

    • Jessica Condrey

      hey now;D lets not do anything crazy

    • BloodScrubber

      Watch them…hell….I'd act them out in my living room for a date! 😉

    • T.J.

      What about 4,5 and 6?!?!? She aint worth THREE more episodes 😛 lol I would.

  • dave

    she looks sexy but Star Wars still sucks

  • mrjimmyos

    Enough of the sex related comments XD

    These images sorta cheered me up, having a bad week

  • Pani Booyah

    *looks at lightsaber, thiinks dirty thoughts*

  • Robert

    Something tells me she's a butter-face.

  • Chris Murphy

    Or she's a lady-boy who can tuck like a pro

    • Lauren Gentile

      Not only did you make me choke on my water with that comment… but… very good (funny as hell) point!

      I don't feel comfortable calling her hot without seeing her face, but she does have a nice body!

  • Darby

    #2 i was like OMG SWEET SHE PLAYS GTA IV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @importantcrap

    #4 – Awesome lightsaber placement.

  • JPowers


  • Mark

    WOW!!!! #4 is one of the hottest pictures ever! SSWG who/where are you?!?!

  • marc

    Simply crazy !

  • TheTruth


  • Lauren Gentile

    Nice body but the face (in my opinion) makes all the difference in the world! She's probably in either her boyfriend or brother's room as well…but I'm hoping she's a legit Star Wars fan or that's a LOT of effort to go through rummaging through someone's room!

    Killer legs for sure! 🙂

  • Do the John Wall

    Shes got a damn fine body but well never no how good or not good looking she is HUH C'MON CHIVE

  • hmm

    Is she married or engaged? It looks like she's wearing either a wedding ring or an engagement ring, but it also looks like it's on her right hand…

  • Unwavering

    #4 yummy

  • avatar666

    MAG-FLIPPIN-BLOODY-NIFICENT!!! 'Grats to the lucky sod who got to take those pics…

  • bless1


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