Funny WI-FI networks: Everybody should do this (25 Photos)

  • Rodd Hungwell


  • aosux

    I thought about doing this 3 days ago. Now you have convinced me.

  • Wolfram


  • Dufius

    Pong Lenis !!! LOLLLLL

  • Lau


    Yep, that did it, pretty funny. Almost hit the keyboard with partially chewed cereal. XD

  • Nate

    #12 I always wonder if my neighbors think the same thing.

  • former_wilbury

    Yes! #22

  • equalizermax

    My wifi name is better than this…

    • Dirty Dingus

      We probably would know the bands you like either…they're so underground.

  • da voice

    #1 you activated skynet? u stupid bastard do u realize what uve done…and ur dead!

  • bob

    best i saw once was "the_scary_wlan_of_death"

  • mcsgwigga

    Mine is called "Prestige Worldwide"

    • PoopIsFun

      Every time I come I produce a quart.

      • idgaf

        brennen that is offensive

  • Arnold

    I use Skynet as well.

  • OwnerOfYou

    I can't wait to name my own network… until then, I'll keep stealing it.

  • dailygoldandsilver

    #16 This one is great because he set up two wireless networks to get the point across. On a personal note, my wireless network is "Vandelay Industries"

  • SC23

    FBI Van #4 and VirusBox seem to work for me..

  • Mr. Bigglesworth

    Since the Dave Chappelle Show mines been named "ImRickJamesBitch"

  • doublemeat

    Mine is "Shut Your Damn Dog Up"

    • GK-4

      oh the joys of living on near campus apartments

  • Sizzle

    I wish wifi network names could be as long as you wanted because mine would be:

    "People in 804 STFU at night or I will go Dexter on your fat asses! Did you see that bitch carrying 20 grocery bags of Saran Wrap into the building? That was me; the Saran Wrap is for you."

    • Apt 804


      • DaddyD

        Bitches love Saran Wrap …

  • Jak

    My neighbors house caught on fire because they are tweekers so mine is "Meth Kills"

  • dentonbeard

    Uncle Touchy's Puzzle Basement. Holy shit, that's funny.

    • pbeeznuts

      That's from a Patton Oswalt stand-up.

  • Red rocker

    These are Great. I use "FBI undercover van 1"
    Keeps them looking out their windows.

    • @BrianMoreno21

      If you need anymore jokes, holla, I wont charge you….

  • Emma Oliver

    Do you think my neighbours might take notice if I change it to "turnyoursuboffonweeknightsidislikemybeddancingacrossthefloortoyourshittybhangraat3am"?

  • bubba_earl

    Mine is named "SWAT Surveillance Van # 2"

    ^^Damn you Red rocker!!!

    • my5tika1cll

      Mine is "No Vacancy"

    • @BrianMoreno21

      Wow, i know exactly where you two got that joke! You took a nice big bite off that sandwich….

  • Yeahbeer

    Hahaha awesome!

  • Aaron

    Mine is "Pretty fly for a Wi-Fi"

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