Funny WI-FI networks: Everybody should do this (25 Photos)

  • Jamoda

    Distasteful and funny, mine has been "clickhereforAIDs" for about a year now.

  • The_Dood


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  • Barette

    #21 is the one that got me cracked up. I'm planning on randomly screaming that in a public place sometime soon.

  • Bob

    #22…Uncle Touchy's NAKED puzzle Basement…You won't wear a shirt and you'll cry.

    • AxnJxn

      Funniest standup special ever …

    • Bri

      Patton Oswalt ftw

  • Chris

    #8 – Spelling FAIL

    • Skar

      Thank you!!!

  • FLHomesteader

    I used to work for Dell Tech support (no I'm not in India, stop asking) and an older lady was having trouble connecting… so I walked her through hooking up with the Linksys router, encrypted it, and named it something personal. ……

    Then I asked her where the router was located….

    Apparently in her neighbors apartment….


  • Kyle

    #16 For the win

  • @BrianMoreno21

    When I say "you two" I mean bubba and red rocker

    • kaveman4130

      scumbag steve?

  • Guest

    #25, yes, Chive–that's easy "Who farted" and "I did"!

  • D-Train

    I'm Clowntown

  • Vince Weaver

    Now I have to go home and rename MY wireless network…

  • Timmynumbers

    #25, Who farted & W. Sobchak the later may be my new network name

  • Asian_Princess

    #2 is photo shop….

    • kaveman4130

      so you have seen some shops before ?

  • Trainguy

    Who wants to come to Uncle Touchy's Puzzle Basement? There's free candy and puppies!

  • bookermorgan

    Mine is 'Butterface' before this it was 'DutchRudder'

  • clickhere

    plz people

    give me ur funiest wireless name

    i might change mine

  • Matthias

    I've named my network The Holy Roman Empire. Long live the emperor

  • chived

    i dont even know if it was intended to be a funny one but "sack" really made me laugh

  • ATL

    Mine currently is "It's a Trap!"

  • mdtroyer

    Once Used "My Couch Pulls Out But I Dont"

  • MacnCheese

    #17 Ultraplex Refuckulator Mainframe!!!! How could anyone even make that up? lol

  • Juann Strauss

    My Wifi network's name is SKyNet. Resistence is ammusing.

  • Mirrorshades

    My neighbor has a wireless network titled “ikillkittensFU” 🙂 I think it’s hilarious, but my wife doesn’t so much, so one of these days I think I’m going to have to sniff out the password and see if I can change it to something possibly even more awesome.

  • My_Rushmore

    When my friend was setting up his wireless he named it PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) Mobile Unit #652, it's quite a good way to keep cheap assholes away.

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